Many new business owners attempt to handle all their marketing independently, or handle it internally. The advantages of this approach are sensible; if you’re the one executing your marketing strategy, you’ll have full control over it. You’ll be intimately acquainted with your brand, and you can change things on the fly as you see fit. 

But few people are successful when they try to handle marketing on their own (especially if they don’t have a background in marketing), and hiring a full-time team can be ridiculously expensive. 

A better alternative is to outsource your marketing, working with a marketing firm or a network of independent contractors. But why is this approach advantageous? 

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Marketing

These are some of the most prominent and universal benefits of outsourcing your marketing: 

  • Time savings. First, you’ll save time. If you’re the one overseeing your marketing strategy, you’re going to spend hours a week, minimum, thinking up new tactics, evaluating your past executables and making sure your internal team is on track. If you hire an agency, you won’t have to worry about it. You might have to spend an hour or so touching base or talking with an account rep in meetings, but the remainder of your time will be liberated, so you can spend it on more important internal matters. 
  • Expertise. Marketing agencies tend to be more authoritative and have more expertise than any internal team you could reasonably assemble. That’s partially due to the collective power of their entire staff; if someone has trouble executing something or coming up with an idea, they can send it up the food chain and get input from someone with years more expertise. This is especially important for areas that require some level of technical knowledge, like optimizing for search engines
  • Specialization and staffing. Usually, when a new business owner hires a marketing expert, they hire a generalist—someone with lots of general experience in marketing, who may be able to do a large number of different things on an average to above average level. But it’s often better to work with specialists—people who focus on one niche area of marketing and excel at it. Having a team of individual specialists each working on tasks they do best will dramatically increase both your output and your efficiency, but hiring a team of specialists internally would be expensive. Outsourcing to an agency lets you take advantage of this, without paying out the nose for it. 

  • Scalability. Agencies and freelancers are highly scalable, and they’re usually flexible about what kind of strategy you want to execute. For example, if you’re launching a fresh startup, you may be able to sign up for a basic marketing package, paying a minimal amount of money and pursuing a handful of marketing channels. As your business grows, you’ll be able to invest in bigger and more extensive plans. You won’t have to worry about scrambling to find a last-minute hire to execute your plan; instead, you can reliably scale with one group.  
  • Reliability. When outsourcing to freelancers, you may have a bit of trouble with reliability, but with an agency, you can rest assured that you’re getting quality work. More importantly, you’ll know the agency will hold itself accountable to helping you get results. Marketing agencies want to retain their clients for as long as possible, and stay on good terms, so they’re incentivized to make sure you get what you pay for. If one of your strategies isn’t quite working, they may toss in some extra executables for free, and if you’re not happy with your ROI, they’ll work hard to make up the difference. 
  • Cost savings. It may not seem it when you look at marketing agency price tags, but outsourcing your marketing efforts can actually save you money. Hiring someone full-time is enormously expensive, especially if you’re factoring in benefits and other secondary costs. By comparison, a few thousand dollars a month with an agency isn’t bad at all. Also, because agencies employ specialists and have experienced, well-coordinated teams, they tend to work much more efficiently, ultimately getting far more done per hour than a new team ever could. 

Finding the Right Partner

All of these outsourcing benefits are contingent upon your ability to find a reliable and authoritative partner. For most businesses, that will mean finding a reputable agency to work with. For others, it will mean gradually accumulating a team of freelance superstars. In any case, make sure you do your research, looking at client testimonials and past work, before you make your decision. And don’t be afraid to pay a little extra—in general, you get what you pay for, and a higher initial cost could lead to a much higher ROI.