Search engine optimisation (SEO) has become a fashionable digital marketing technique in recent years. Agencies across the world cite it as one of the best ways to improve online visibility and drive traffic to businesses. But do their claims actually have any grounding? That’s what we’d like to find out today. Keep reading to discover the main advantages and disadvantages of SEO marketing and see what our final verdict on the matter is.

High-Quality Traffic

Perhaps the biggest advantage of SEO marketing is that it helps drive high-quality traffic to your business. By ‘high-quality traffic’, we mean customers who are looking for and want to buy what you are selling. This means you are far more likely to convert their visit to your website into a sale. SEO is all about increasing rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. The higher you rank on the search engine, the higher the probability people will find your business when they browse the internet for the product/service you’re selling. For instance, if you are a local estate agent with good SEO, then people will likely come across your website when they google the term ‘estate agents near me’.

Very Specialised & Hard Work

Many business owners struggle with SEO marketing because they don’t know how it works or where to begin. Unlike other marketing techniques (like social media or blog writing), search engine optimisation isn’t straightforward. It requires specialist knowledge. What’s more, to really improve your SEO, you need to create a lot of content. Fortunately, digital marketing agencies can help you out here. Not only do they know how to implement SEO marketing, but they also know how to do it incredibly well. They’ll also hire copywriters to produce all the specialist marketing content for you. It’s worth looking at the different SEO package prices that these agencies have on offer and finding the best option for your business.

Increase Online Visibility

With there being so much content on the internet nowadays, it’s difficult to be seen. Search engine optimisation can help with that. It can improve the online visibility of your website, plus all the previous marketing content you have created. For example, you can enhance the SEO on all your website’s content by using specific, relevant keywords several times throughout the copy. You can also create link building blogs which serve as promotional content whilst also increasing SEO. Furthermore, these blogs can be posted on specialist websites, attracting an even greater audience to your company.

Need Consistency

To maintain a high ranking on search engines, you need to be consistent with your SEO marketing campaign. This can be a lot of effort, especially because you’ll always have to be producing new link building content. However, once again, digital marketing agencies can help you to overcome this. After subscribing to their services, they will consistently create and post SEO content for you.

Overall, we think that SEO marketing is incredibly helpful. We recommend hiring a specialist agency to produce your SEO content, as opposed to doing it yourself.