Rated Battlegrounds (RBG) are 10v10 ranked battlegrounds in World of Warcraft. This is a real meat grinder among PVP, where players of different skill levels meet. Access to RBG appears before you reach the maximum level. Therefore, in addition to honor points, you also get experience for pumping your character. But in such skirmishes, rating points are not awarded.

But rating battles already have a wow boost  stricter format of restrictions, starting with the level of the character and ending with the strength of the equipment. To start searching for battles, you must first gather a group of ten people. You can do this manually using the World of Warcraft. The owner of the group himself decides who to invite to the composition.

Rated battlegrounds offer various rewards:

  • honor and conquest points;
  • titles and achievements per account;
  • mounts and enchants for weapons;
  • unique transmog for equipment.

A more important motivation for playing RBG is getting a rating for every win. Many players are trying to climb the table as high as possible in order to get into the top 0.5% of the strongest players in the world at the end of the season. For this, a very rare title is awarded, which will not be available at the end of the season.

Features of Rating Battlegrounds

Rated battlegrounds are similar in concept to a classic 2v2 or 3v3 arena. Maps where teams fight are scaled up to 20 people. Participants are required to have an organized game, so often when selecting a raid The leader asks everyone about the presence of a microphone in order to communicate in voice chat. The battlefields are not limited to only one faction, so characters from the Alliance and Horde can be in the same lineup.

The level PVPitems and the rating are the main values in the selection of teams. In order for the balance of power to be equal, the system tries to pick up the same MMR among all participants. For each victory, players receive honor and conquest points, which are spent by merchants in the city. Weapons, accessories, equipment and trinkets.

RBG Combat Rules

There are two types of RBG – Capture the Flag and Capture Points. added Mists of Pandaria another map where spheres are captured instead of dots. The more strategic objects are held, the more points drip for your faction. On average, a fight lasts 15-20 minutes.

Most Played 10v10 Maps:

  • Warsong Gulch;
  • Arathi Basin;
  • Eye of the Storm;
  • Battle for Gilneas;
  • twin Peaks.

When capturing points, a team of 10 people is divided into 3-4 squads. The tank remains at the nearest location to keep it from enemy robbers or other invisible characters. The main backbone with two healers is sent to the central point where the main battle takes place. From the results of the battle in the center, one or another team makes decisions in order to regroup or make a counterattack on other objects. The third group is the commando unit, which includes a rogue or druid. Their task is to sneak up to the rear, lure out the tank and capture the point.

Rating Battlegrounds require serious preparation, and knowledge of your own and other classes. to get up to 2400 MMRIt may take several months the main problem is to find a team with which you can constantly play. But if you use the boosting of experienced renters, then it will take much less time. The main thing is that you get all the rewards and achievements before the end of the season. Otherwise, these achievements can no longer be taken away.