Some of the deals available from online casinos seem, at first glance, as if they are simply far too good to be true.

Anyone who is naturally suspicious will certainly be wondering what is in it for online casino sites who offer welcome bonuses that are extremely generous on the face of it.

The obvious answer is that these offers are simply designed to get people to join an online casino rather than one of the many other operators that are out there.

These deals have plenty of terms and conditions and it is here where the online casinos hide the downsides of such offers. So, what do players need to be looking out for?

Wagering requirements with their terms and conditions

The biggest thing to be aware of in the terms and conditions of online casino promotions is wagering requirements.

For anyone who has not come across this term before – which is sometimes known as turnover – the wagering requirement means players must bet the bonus funds a certain number of times.

If they do not do this, the bonus funds will remain locked, which means they cannot be withdrawn from an online casino account.

Look for online casinos that do not have a wagering requirement like those found at FlashCasino. If it’s zero, it’s much easier to keep your winnings.

If you do sign up for an online casino welcome bonus that has a wagering requirement attached, the lower the number, the more likely it will be that you can beat the online casino site.

Some sites also limit the games that contribute 100 per cent to their wagering requirements. This is something else that online casinos hide from customers in their terms and conditions. It is usually the case that slots do contribute 100 per cent to wagering requirements, but other games such as blackjack and roulette may be set at a significantly lower level.

Online casinos will argue that wagering requirements are labelled in the welcome offers, but the full terms and conditions need to be understood when signing up to a new site. It is often the case that they are not transparent enough. Using social media can be a good way to see what casino customers are saying about the promotions and bonuses that are available.

This is why it is so important to read the small print, as hidden here are the details which are going to make the difference between a bonus being worth taking or being easily ignorable.

Withdrawing winnings can be a headache

Making a deposit into an online casino site is usually very simple, with the process taking just a few minutes from creating an account to being ready to play your favorite casino games.

But it can be a lot harder to get your hands on your winnings if you are fortunate enough to come out on top. This is because online casinos have processes in place to protect them from things such as money laundering, but it creates an issue for their customers.

Security obviously cannot be ignored, but it does not feel good for players that they can scoop a big win on the slots but face a significant delay until that cash is back in their pocket.

ID checks often need to be carried out before players can withdraw funds. This might include scanning and emailing documents, which can be a hassle, with a passport, drivers license, and a utility bill potentially needed.

The casino naturally needs some time to process and check these documents, which can take a few days, so it is not impossible for withdrawals to take a week or more to go through. Of course, online casinos never make this clear when they encourage you to sign up.

RTP for slots could be more transparent

Experienced slots players know to choose their games carefully, with some of them offering a much better chance to win than others.

Return to player – or RTP for short – is the figure to look out for. Higher RTP is better than lower RTP, but it is also necessary to take into account a couple of other factors.

Variance can sometimes be more important than RTP, depending on the slot game. High variance games do not pay out as regularly as low variance games – with variance often also referred to as volatility. But high variance games might be more likely to pay out a jackpot.

It is also important to point out that most online slots make the majority of their money from slot games, so keep this in mind when deciding what to play on your favorite sites.