Did you know that Apple Watch is IPX7 certified while Sony’s Tablet Xperia Z4 is IP68 certified? What exactly do these letters and numbers mean? Before you want to play them at roulette, perhaps with some resorts casino bonus code offers, we’ll give you all the information you need. 

The IP class is an international certification that standardizes the level of protection of devices against the penetration of solids and liquids. IP, in fact, means just Ingress Protection and IP64, IP68, IPX5 are some examples of the certification classes that can be attributed to a device.

Reading these abbreviations is quite easy, since they are composed of one or two numbers after the IP prefix: a first figure for the penetration by solid bodies (such as dust and sand, but not only) and a second for the protection from liquids. If a device has only one protection of the two, the corresponding number is replaced by an X.

For example, IPX7 (as in the case of Apple Watch or Creative Muvo Play) means that the device has no protection against dust and solids but has a “7” protection for water. IP68, on the other hand, refers to a device that is protected against both dust and water penetration.

The level of protection against solids is from 1 to 6 and for liquids from 1 to 8. Although these formulas are standardized, it is always the manufacturer who has to declare, by means of specific tests, for example, the maximum depth at which an object can be immersed and, above all, the guaranteed duration of the immersion.

For example, Sony tablets, which are classified as IP68, can be immersed, provided of course that all doors are securely closed. Furthermore, the devices may not be submerged to a depth of more than 1.5 meters and not for more than 30 minutes in fresh water. Sony also warns that tablets, in case of immersion with chlorinated water, must always be rinsed: the manufacturer’s instructions must always be taken with the utmost care in order not to have unpleasant surprises and not to invalidate the warranty on the product. Even in the case of Apple Watch, in fact, the company from Cupertino reports that their device is resistant to splashes and water except for the leather straps that must not be in any way immersed or wet.

We would like to conclude by pointing out the exact level of protection from dust and liquids.


0 – No protection

1 – Protection against solid bodies up to 50 mm

2 – Protection against solid bodies up to 12 mm

3 – Protection against solid bodies up to 2.5 mm

4 – Protection against solid bodies up to 1 mm

5 – Protection against dust

6 – Complete protection against dust


0 – No protection

1 – Protection against vertically falling water drops

2 – Protection against falling water drops with a maximum inclination of 15°

3 – Protection from rain

4 – Protection against direct water splashes

5 – Protection against direct water jets

6 – Wave protection

7 – Protection from temporary immersion in water (between 15 cm and 1 m deep for a maximum of 30 minutes)

8 – Protection from permanent immersion in water (up to 3 m continuous depth for a maximum of one hour)

9 – Protection against permanent immersion in water and against high pressure, high temperature water jets (up to 3 m continuous depth for a maximum of one hour)