When we pick up that joystick, we are in search of an experience that satisfies us. Luckily, with so many different types of games available, everyone gets the opportunity to play a game that appeals to them, whether the open world, problem-solving, driving, p2e gaming, or role-playing.  However, we are frequently hearing more about another type of game called “cozy”. Cozy gaming is a subgenre of games that is increasingly garnering more attention and is having more titles created. But what is cozy gaming exactly? It’s important to note that as joystickgaming.io notes, the term “cozy” was applied to a genre of games after similarities were noted in several of them. Here are the characteristics that help define a game’s coziness.

Coziness is defined as the game’s ability to evoke qualities such as safety, abundance, and softness. The degree of coziness depends on how strongly the game elicits these feelings. Coziness can be found in a wide variety of games and they don’t necessarily have to be engineered to be cozy. The coziness factor of a game can also appeal to a large cross-section of people. Let’s discuss these three qualities observed in cozy games.


Creating dangerous scenarios for gamers to overcome is a big part of gaming. Games like the Grand Theft Auto series are built on the sense of danger, whether creating or escaping it. However cozy games are marked by the complete absence of these types of scenarios. There is no risk to the character dying and there is no loss or threat to counter. Instead, the game creates scenarios where gamers are able to feel vulnerable without any threat of a negative outcome.


When playing a cozy game, players will feel that all of their lower needs such as food and shelter are being met. This will enable them the opportunity to seek more complex needs such as relationships, maturation and self-actualization. 


Gamers who play cozy games are actively seeking low-stress environments where they can feel safe. This is why it’s important that the aesthetic of the game does so much of the heavy lifting to convey this. Games are outwardly gentle and comforting. They evoke very little arousal even while being highly engaging. Players feel an intimacy with the game and with on-screen characters. Additionally, the pace of the game helps achieves this feeling. 

Many games will embrace the aforementioned qualities but won’t necessarily be seen as cozy games. So, what is it that stands in the way? Here are a few qualities that would disqualify a game from being considered cozy.


Any motivating factor outside of the ones already mentioned would take away from its coziness. 


Any threats or danger faced by the player that causes a rush of adrenaline is also a no-no

Overbearing stimulus

Cozy games are all about softness. Unpleasant distractions such as images or sounds that are unduly loud or garish can take away from the coziness factor.

Phobia triggers

We all know the common phobias that people suffer from Spiders, heights, and crowds, to name a few. Game developers are well advised to omit these from their games for fear of creating a stressful environment. 

Article contributed by— Hemant Kumar gupta