The impact of technology on business operations and productivity is increasing day by day with the development and adoption of advanced IT and mechanical innovations. There are many other types of technologies that have a direct or indirect impact on business operations, and can be implemented for improving them. 

Most businesses today use IT technologies for data center operations and network management. For example, the Internet, mobile communication, cellular devices, video, voice, and email are major sources of information that have a direct or indirect impact on business productivity.

However, some industries require a different type of technology. For instance, a coordinate measuring machine is one that measures the coordinate geometry of objects. Various kinds of measurements are made with a coordinate measuring machine; in many cases, the device used also performs other functions, depending on the type of machine. All this is possible only when you have a correct and reliable product like the coordinate measuring machine. No other machine or device provides precision as does this tool.

Coordinate Measuring Machines: What Are They?

A coordinate measuring machine (CMM) measures discrete points from a solid part’s geometry using a very sensitive electronic probe. The main purpose of a CMM is to make it possible for engineers and technicians to measure the physical properties of an object without actually having to touch it.

  • Optical, mechanical, laser, and electromagnetic are the different kinds of probes that CMMs use. This enables the technician to better evaluate the properties and accordingly make changes to improve the design of the product or system. 
  • A good CMM can also measure angles, changes in distance, displacement, volume, position, speed, and any other type of measurement that requires contact with the material being measured. If you think your business requires this type of equipment, you should find out more by consulting with a reputable supplier.

Types Of Coordinate Measuring Machines

There are four main types of CMMs. While the measuring mechanics are the same across the machines, each can be classified by its structure. Each also has its strengths and weaknesses. Check out the four types of coordinate measuring machines below, together with their distinguishing characteristics:

  • Gantry – Gantry-style coordinate measuring machines are utilized for large products, including automobiles. In the case of cars or trucks, the datum is based on the vehicle’s floor.

Gantry-style CMMs’ design eliminates the need to lift an article onto a table. That’s why they’re useful for large gears and other heavy machine parts. Gantry-style coordinate measuring machines, though, are considerably costlier compared to the other types because of their sheer size.

  • Bridge – The most common variety of CMM is the bridge style. This type of coordinate measuring machine can be further divided into the moveable-bridge and moveable-table.

Bridge-style CMMs provide the measuring apparatus with very stable anchors. They’re available as portable units or as fixed machines. However, bridge designs are generally limited to measuring parts (small to mid-sized) that can be lifted onto a slab or table.

  • Horizontal Arm – This type of coordinate measuring machine differs from the rest of the CMM types in terms of how it mounts its probes. As suggested by its name, it mounts the probes horizontally as opposed to vertically. 

Long, slender objects that are out of range of the vertical machines will be measured using a CMM with this design.

  • Cantilever – Cantilever machines are less rigid because their support is at one point only. That’s also why they’re generally limited to measuring only small parts. These machines, though, allow access to the measured product from three sides—its significant advantage.

Male Engineers Use CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine In Factory

How Do Coordinate Measuring Machines Work?

In object-based measuring systems, the distance between two specific points on an object can be measured with the help of a coordinate measuring machine. Coordinate measuring machines are required when the measurement of an object depends on various parameters such as orientation, speed, or angular velocities. Therefore, the proper coordinates need to be set for each parameter to get reliable results.

  • In measuring devices based on mechanical principles, the measuring device can be a pump, a screw pump, or a level. The most commonly used machines for performing object-based measuring are screw pumps. 
  • In some cases, specialized types of measuring machines are required, such as a hydrodynamic coordinate measuring machine. This particular machine is used when high-precision positions need to be measured on objects.

Applications And Advantages Of CMMs

Coordinate measuring machines are very important for industries in which measurements are critical and need to be calculated and managed efficiently.

  • Coordinate measuring machines are used for many applications, ranging from scientific experiments to manufacturing processes. There are different types of these measuring devices. One of the most widely used ones in the medical industry is the electronic medical unit (EMU).
  • A material testing lab uses coordinate measuring machines to calculate the equilibrium point of a material at different temperature conditions. The equipment also helps prevent inaccurate calculations in cases where more than one kind of measurement is performed simultaneously.

One of the main advantages of a specialized measuring machine is that it can perform many tasks. This is especially useful for scientific applications, where multiple measurements are needed. For instance, a scientific centrifuge needs to be calibrated several times a day, according to its specific weight. A specialized measuring machine can help avoid this problem, thanks to its ability to use a secondary balance to determine its precise weight.

In cases of scientific applications, there is a need to make fast calculations. Thus, accuracy is crucial. A high-precision machine provides an environment where calculations can be done efficiently without compromising accuracy. So, if you are looking for technology for business success, choose a highly accurate and fast coordinating measuring machine.


It’s crucial to note that the importance of using a coordinate measuring machine in business cannot be discounted. It’s essential to take note of all the above-mentioned facts and figure out if they’re suitable for your business or not. If you feel that you need a CMM for your business, then you should always purchase the best quality that’s capable of meeting the requirements of a business. Purchasing a poor-quality machine will not serve any purpose and will only waste business resources. If you want to run a successful business, then it’s advisable to invest in this type of technology.