The Usage of Website Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s life, and as websites are the main way of browsing the internet they are considered very important for businesses. Making your own websites is considered the primary objective whenever people think about starting a business.

Every big company will always have a website of their own through which they can tell other people about the nature of the work they do. Nowadays, almost everyone has access to the internet meaning the easiest way to notify everyone about your presence is Via the internet.

Internet is now the most used platform for businesses to grow and it is only likely to increase. Role of Red Liberty One of these websites who help others create websites and a make themselves recognizable is called The Marketing Team who specialise in Pay Per Click & SEO In Manchester.

This Manchester based digital marketing company help create websites for those who are looking to improve their business names and aren’t able to do it on their own. The company has several experienced marketing team members who are highly qualified and possess the necessary qualities to make them individually brilliant. With the help of these team members, this company can put your name on the map and notify people about your importance and consequently increase you ROI (Return on Investment) drastically.

Sooner or later everyone makes their way to the virtual world because it is not only easy but highly effective as well. This website can help lead generation through the advanced stages.

How They Helped

Miss Sold Pensions is one of the websites which was created with the help of The Marketing Team.

Miss-sold pension is the name given to it where you are advised by a third party to transfer to personal-plan . This way the third-party lures pensioners away from their company accounts and make huge profits from these pension incomes. They will tell you to invest in Foreign property or buy trees where you will make profits when they are sold, these are the common ways they lure people into the traps.

This website as mentioned above is the one standing between what’s fair and what’s not. This UK based company deals in Miss sold SIPP and miss sold SERPS alongside miss sold pensions. SERPS (State Earnings Related Pension Scheme) and SIPP (Self-Invested Personal Pension) were two initiatives by the UK government which failed drastically leaving behind huge debts on the local people.

SERPS was an initiative that began in 1978 and was cancelled in 2002, was supposed to give retirees a hope of earning more than their pension but the investment fell off just like it happened for SIPP leaving behind more than $375million in debts.

Miss sold pensions and SERPS and all the related things are generally advices which lead to horrific investments causing people to lose out money they have been saving or had hoped to save. The company specialize in recovering these big pension amounts and makes a profit by keeping a small cut in the total recovered amount. The company wasn’t anything big and required recognition in order to attract pensioners who had lost their money.


Now with the help of The Marketing Team they are gaining views on their websites notifying people who have been looking for these services. After the SERPS incident the state declared certain some which was to be used for compensation, many people liable for that still don’t know about its existence which is why these companies came into practice in the first place.

They not only locate the available compensations but they make sure it reaches the people after which they might as well advice for the next step. Many companies of this origin have sprung up to which The Marketing Team used its marketing expertise to deliver their clients the promised increase in ROI.