It’s no surprise that there is a vast competition in the web design industry. There are hundreds of thousands of designers out there these days. As you can imagine, it can sometimes be hard to have a competitive edge over other providers.

It’s likely that you are reading this blog post because business has been a little slow for you lately. If that’s the case, one possible reason may surprise you. Some clients will only work with designers that offer value-added services!

You might think it’s strange, but it’s true. More customers want convenience and prefer to use a “one-stop shop” for the web design needs. Here’s how you can add value to your range of web design services:


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Team up with a graphic designer

It’s fine offering websites to people using customized templates, especially for platforms like WordPress. After all; you’ll know which ones can get adapted the best. Also, your clients won’t have the time to find a suitable theme. But, what happens if your client demands a bespoke design?

Many web designers, although they have visual design skills, are useless as graphic designers. Sure, they know how best to lay out the elements on web pages. When it comes to creating those elements, what will you do?

In those cases, it makes sense to team up with a graphic designer. You can outsource that side of things to them while you work on creating stunning sites for clients.

Team up with a white-label SEO provider

It’s no secret that web design and search engine optimization go hand in hand. You can’t create a popular website if people can’t find it in search engines. And people won’t visit “visible” sites if the layout and design are shocking.

You’re good at what you do: web design. You might even know the basics surrounding SEO. But, you may not have the time or inclination to expand your knowledge on the topic. The good news for you is there are plenty of white label SEO providers out there.

The way they work is simple. You give them details of the project you’re working on, and they take care of the SEO side of things. Both of you collaborate on the same project. But, you are the only point of contact for your customer.

Offer social media optimization services

Your clients will pay you to design websites for them. Chances are they’ll want to have a social media presence too. You can offer to set up and optimize their social media profiles for them.

For example, you can work on the design elements for their profiles and make it easy for them to manage. You can also work on strategies to build followers, such as Facebook advertising. Of course, you can outsource some of those tasks to an SEO company. But, it’s a value-added service you should offer to your customers.


Those are just a few of many examples on how you can expand your service offering as a web designer. I hope you have found them useful; do let us know how they work out for you! Thanks for reading today’s blog post.