I know, I know, it’s a little early to be talking about 2016. But, we like to make grand predictions about the year ahead. And, in the world of web design, it always pays to stay ahead of the game. Things change so quickly in this industry, and your website will probably start to feel outdated come January. So, why not stock up on our top predictions for 2016, and start planning a shakeup?

These are by no means certainties. But, it’s definitely the direction in which the web is heading. Having spoken to my friends at a top web design agency, they are also on the same page. You may have noticed these trends already gaining traction around the web. Well, 2016 is the year that they will take over and dominate. Let’s jump straight in, shall we?

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Parallax scrolling stories

Parallax scrolling is a neat trick, and you’ll have seen it rising in popularity across the internet. It’s the design that appears to move as you scroll down. Elements interact with each other. Text appears and disappears as you scroll. Without a doubt, parallax scrolling is just getting started online. There’s lots more to come, especially in the world of storytelling. Smart designers are using this technique on their ‘home’ and ‘about’ pages. They use it to tell the story behind their website, product or app. It’s a great, interactive way to connect with visitors. Expect lots of this next year.


In a similar vein, we’re starting to see more and more animated elements on websites today. As loading speeds and broadband improves, web designers can get a little more creative. That means they’ll start indulging their artistic side, and create more animations. It’s great for grabbing attention, and adding dynamic elements to your static website.

Continuation of flat design

Continuation of flat design

I’ve never quite seen an online cull quite so ruthless as the gradient and drop-shadow cull. I know things come in and out of fashion. But, if you even mention the word ‘drop-shadow’ to a designer, they’ll shiver with revulsion! Instead, the world has embraced flat designs. No shadows, no gradients. The effect is a simple, bold, powerful design that people seem to love. It’s an essential trait of a successful website. Expect this trend of flat design to continue well into 2016.

Typography is coming back in a big way

In the last few years, it’s been quite difficult to implement creative typology into websites. There are browser restrictions to deal with, and all sorts of fiddly problems involved. Luckily, this year, Google updated ‘Google Fonts’. It’s made it much easier to use creative fonts online. I predict that you’ll start to see more and more variety when it comes to typography as a result.

Responsive design will become the top priority

Web use on mobile devices has already overtaken desktop access. That means that websites must respond perfectly to whichever device uses it. Web agencies tell us that mobile design is becoming a top priority for clients. This will only grow next year. if you need help with any software, you can learn more here about automated software testing.

Have I missed any huge forthcoming trends? Disagree with my predictions? Let me know in the comment section!