There is no dearth of weather apps. Be it on the mobile as applications or just a regular webpage, which can be, accessed everywhere; it is essential that one stays updated with the details. A bad weather day can ruin a great trip that could have been if you missed that weather report. However, why depend on the news or that TV guide for the accurate forecast when you can access it all on your tablet or smartphone?

Let uslook at the leading weather apps that have been causing turmoil and debates among the users:

WeatherBug App

Track hurricanes, storms, snow, pollen, and even disease-causing allergens levels in the area only by a simple download. WeatherBug App is customized to give you live traffic updates too. Not only it is free but also can be accessed anywhere on the go. You could follow them up on their Facebook and Twitter pages for all latest news and tracking information.

Want some more? You could visualize the weather in 17 layers of mapping which includes wind, temperature, pressure, humidity, Doppler radar, so on and so forth. It is not just for professionals. As a regular citizen, you could easily be the meteorologist of your group. Multiple language support just makes it easier.

With forecasts, maps, alerts, Life, news, and multiple other customizable features, you could get an accurate weather report of up to 10 days straight. Get in touch and stay abreast of the latest stories, all consolidated in one single app. Compatible with the Android and iOS systems, this is one of the most convenient weather apps that are there.

Dark Sky

A hyperactive local weather application, it could be the next reliable source of the meteorological data. With minute-to-minute weather forecast, it is most useful when it comes to predicting the rains as the name recommends.

You could experience a weather animation program, which is not only interesting but also trustworthy. Snow or rain, you can count on Dark Sky to keep you dry at all times. With multiple widgets and customization, you can track the temperature, cloud conditions, humidity; you can also track the estimated duration of rain.

Get updates instantly and store it as a historical data for further references. Compatible with most browsers, Android and iOS, this one could be a go-to option if you intend to track the clear and concise forecasts.

WeatherBug or Dark sky; we are going to make that choice easier!

WeatherBugDark Sky
It can be used to track the weather such as humidity, temperature, air quality, so on and so forthThis one tracks potential rains and snow. Estimates the duration of precipitation accurately
Can be used anywhere in the world. Gives you an exclusive everyday report wherever you goGlobal coverage is a benefit.
Severe weather alerts. View alerts concerning hurricane, earthquake, and extreme temperatures. This feature is exclusive to weather bugGet instant notifications on the go whenever there is an alert.
Pollen Forecasts in the weather can be recorded. People allergic to the former can steer clear of the areas safelyNo pollen forecasts involved in the app.
Customise the app to suit your requirements. Filter your display criteria to maximize the efficacyGet severe weather alerts that are updated every minute and are backed by reliable data sources.
With an average user rating of 4.4. on Google Play it is one of the most used appsIt is a paid app and is popular among the users.
Download Weather Bug App on your Android or iOS phone.Install the app on the tablets or smartphones; this is compatible with all browsers, Android, and iOS.

Which one would you choose? My personal views tilt towards the WeatherBug App!