While wearable tech has grown in popularity in recent years, there are few who associate technology with the latest fashion. Although savvy shoppers are able to save money by using coupons from such sites as Discountrue or RetailMeNot on their smart watches, tracking devices and new dresses, there are still not many who have decided to put them all together.


However, due to the wearable tech’s increased availability, more and more fashion forward consumers are searching for ways to accessorize. Recent studies have shown that women are leading the charge when it comes to purchasing such products and that they are the prospective client base for upcoming fashion trends that intend to capitalize on wearable tech’s popularity.

Rebecca Minkoff specializes in creating smart jewelry choices for clients who are interested in fashion. Her works combine the best elements of style with high technology, so that women can remain not only en vogue but also plugged in!

Minkoff has spoken about the importance of speaking directly to the consumer who always has her smartphone in hand. As so many women remain in constant touch with technology, she believes that it makes sense to create products that communicate with this sector of the marketplace and provide them with a way to remain connected, without having to stare at their phone all day long.


Smart jewelry was created with the idea that wearable tech doesn’t have to mean sacrificing good taste in favor of tech savvy. As this kind of items become one of the hottest holiday gift items and the marketplace becomes more crowded, the need for jewelry that not only looks good, but serves a purpose will only continue to increase!

Minkoff has struck an agreement with AT&T, to carry their notification bracelet in their stores. For the low price of $120, wearers can get vibrating notifications whenever they receive a call or text from one of the 25 people that they have placed on their preferred contact list.

Minkoff and her brother Uri, who has a background in software, are also taking their designs to retail locations. Working alongside of eBay’s group for innovation in retail, shoppers can now use technology during in store shopping trips. Touch screens are used to select items that are waiting inside of the store’s dressing rooms, which are interactive.

Minkoffs’ designs are already being sold in almost 900 different Nordstrom locations. With plans to expand to cities such as Chicago and Los Angeles, this is clearly just the beginning. Uri is responsible for forward thinking when it comes to technology and Rebecca provides beautiful stylish designs. As such, they consider themselves to be the perfect team. It will certainly be interesting to see what they are able to create from now on!