When you have productive employees, you are able to keep payroll costs down, increase your profit margins, improve your customer service experience, and have more time to work on growth or expansion. This is all sounds good, but getting your employees to work and faster or make changes to an outdated system can be a struggle. Productivity metrics are important, and it might mean that you need to make some sweeping changes in the company to ensure that your company is making the most of the workday. Rather than just nagging or criticizing employees that don’t jump with enthusiasm over proposed changes, consider these tips to encourage higher productivity.   

Keep Your Employees Focused

There are a number of distractions that take away from a focused approach to task completion. Too many emails, personal phone calls. Office gossip or too many meetings can sidetrack your employees and keep them from getting the job done. When you manage distractions, you can keep your employees focused. It may require taking a tough position on cell phone use or personal calls during the workday. You don’t want to be a dictator, so make small adjustments and see if they work before moving on to more sweeping measures to avoid distractions.

Make Use Of Technology

Although technology has made it easier for many people to get their job done, it can also be one of the biggest distractions in the workplace. Answering emails, surfing the web, and system lag can all contribute to a lot of wasted time throughout the day. This even goes for management. Too many phone calls and email demands can take up more time than you realize, so using a program like Ninja number can streamline your communication struggles. There are also software programs that can be installed on the company network that block the use of certain websites or applications. Eliminating top social network sites like Facebook or YouTube and large online shopping sites like Amazon can reduce the amount of time an employee may spend online for things that aren’t related to the task at hand. There are also software programs that track employee productivity and help you identify which tasks are taking the most time or which employee is struggling the most.

Develop Loyal Employees

Your employees are people with lives and responsibilities outside of work. Their family priorities or their personal needs have their full attention, so you need to earn and cultivate loyalty to their job as well.  Being a manager that offers feedback, provides ongoing training or education, and values input is a start. Work to establish a company culture that is engaging, dynamic, creative, and accepting. Employees won’t give you their best if they feel the environment is hostile and unappreciative. Squash negativity and provide the tools needed for employees to thrive. Encourage a work/life balance and be conscious and empathetic when family emergencies pop up. Reward exceptional performance and make holidays or special occasions memorable. A happy employee is going to be a productive employee.

Become The Boss People Want

Management and leadership set the tone for the rest of the company, in both attitude and productivity. You won’t get your people to work harder if they don’t see you pulling your own weight. Don’t be the one that sits in the office all day and ignores the phone. Respond to emails, chat with employees in person, go to the training seminars, and show up on time. Be the first one in and the last one out. Be the boss that people can get behind and want to help succeed.

A productive work environment has everything to do with your company’s bottom line. If you want to get more out of the workday, do your part and encourage your employees to do theirs.