Streamers are making money streaming their gaming sessions on Twitch, but it is not the only way to make a living out of your hobby. Besides, gaming is no longer just a hobby nowadays as it has become a full-time job for some players.

Gaming alone is exciting, streaming games is fun, and to earn money from it? It seems surreal, but it’s happening. Popular streamers today are making a living out of it. Below are some of the ways to get paid streaming games.


If people enjoy your videos, they will subscribe to you and send you payments regularly. To thank their support, if you decide to start a subscription, you have to create special content for your dedicated fans. But, make sure that the free content you provide is still impressive and exciting. It will allow you to reach out to other audiences and earn new subscriptions.

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Donations from fans

Most streaming platforms let viewers send tips to their favorite streamers. Among the most satisfying ways to earn money, streaming is when someone enjoys viewing you play so much that they feel compelled to give you a few dollars for doing what you love. Platforms also have unique currencies equivalent to a particular amount of money. For instance, Facebook has Facebook Stars that allow gamers to monetize their streams.


Using advertisements as a source of revenue is not a new concept. You can notice ads everywhere if you watch a few YouTube videos, scroll through Facebook, or read an online newspaper.

Many gamers utilize advertisements to optimize their income while playing video games, although this is debatable and should not be your primary source of revenue. It might be an excellent way to make some additional cash, but today, things have progressed to the point where viewers can prevent ads from appearing by downloading ad-blocking software.

Affiliate marketing

This is another way to make money while playing games. If you work with businesses to advertise specific products, you will be paid a commission every time someone buys anything. You’ll get a commission when someone purchases anything from the affiliate link you receive from your partners.

Or, you might be given a discount code that works in the same way that you can offer to your viewers. Promotional codes or links are usually included in your streaming account bio, and you may also mention them during your live stream — but don’t go overboard.

Other methods to earn money in gaming

Aside from these methods of making money online through streaming, becoming a well-known and successful video game streamer provides you with an audience, allowing other opportunities. You may create your line of items. If you don’t know what you’re doing, this may appear to be a challenging undertaking. However, streaming services provide a wealth of information on getting started.


Playing games alone is fun and exciting. What more if you earn money while doing what you love the most.