Ethereum Classic (ETC) is a cryptocurrency that took birth in 2016. ETC, a blockchain decentralization platform, came out as an alternative of Ethereum (ETH). 

Furthermore, ETC performs the same way as Ethereum does. The project is same for which the both Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) has been working, but the ways of their working for the project are different.

Open an Ethereum Classic (ETC) Wallet

We know that we mine the cryptocurrencies, and each cryptocurrency needs a wallet to be stored. The same way, ETC needs a wallet. You can store your mined ETC in the store, and you can use any third-party wallet. You will utilize the wallet to send and receive ETC.

It depends on you which wallet you choose as there are many third-party wallets.

Way to Mine Ethereum Classic

We comprehend that cryptocurrencies are mined. While we mine them, there is a need of high security in order to make sure that everything goes well.

In the case of Ethereum Classic, it uses the Proof-of-Work system. Interestingly, Ethereum Classic uses the same algorithm as Ethereum does because no disparity exists about projects for which both ETC and Ethereum work.

Additionally, you need, at least, a 3Gb VRAM graphic card to mine the Ethereum Classic.

ETC and Cruxpool

Cruxpool provides the miners with a mining pool. They can use that mining for Ethereum Classic. Cruxpool utilizes the PPS+ scheme at 1%, and transactions go on every 3 hours. 0.1 ETC is minimum, while maximum is 100 ETC.

Initiation of ETC Mining on Cruxpool

To mine the Ethereum Classic, you need to put your username or wallet address on your mining software. There are numerous ETC mining softwares, so you could use any of them.


It is quite simple to start the ETC mining on Cruxpool.

  • Choose a command line
  • Put command line on software
  • Save the file
  • Launch the file

In this way, your ETC mining on Cruxpool will start.

We have seen the processes involved the mining of ETC. All cryptocurrencies come with different and complex processes, and for sure, cryptocurrencies are much more profitable, and can change one’s life in little time.

You have to buy the cryptocurrencies, whether for selling or holding. There is another way of getting free cryptocurrencies. For it, you can take part in an Airdrop and win it.


An Airdrop demonstrates the free distribution of cryptocurrencies. Whether a person is a miner or not, can take part in Airdrop Crypto, but following all the conditions categorized by Airdrop providing company.

Airdrops are given or discussed on the particular circumstances.

Here are some points concerning the discussion of Airdrops.

  • The most important reason of Airdrop is when a company creates its own cryptocurrency. 
  • You may receive free crypto as you already own the same cryptocurrency.
  • The holders can benefit themselves from newly created blockchain.

Airdrops are important for companies in the field of cryptocurrency, and these airdrops are especially for the people who meet the requirements and eligibility of the people.

Eligibility is specified by the project team, and it indicates the subsequent completion of actions.

The complexity alternates, depending on the project. Anyhow, the more you perform, the more you will get. Additionally, companies can reward the projects teams or any other individual who works harder for the success of the Airdrop campaign.

Taking Part in Airdrop

  • You need to know about the time when it is going to be held. You can know these announcements from many aggregators.
  • Then, you need to choose a cryptocurrency that you think is perfect for you. You do not need to think or search about the project in order to save your time.
  • Additionally, you need to study the criteria required for the selection in the Airdrop. You can consult with the professionals to meet the requirements.
  • Finally, you need to fill the form that can be accessed from Exchange Platforms, Telegram bots, and Google Forms, etc. 
  • You will need a wallet to receive your won tokens.

Pay to Be in Airdrop

  • Number of Tokens

it is mostly mentioned when an Airdrop is about to start. Some of Airdrops are same for all winners. 

  • Price of Token

It keeps on varying as the profitability can be constant.

Ways to Avoid Scams

  • Gather information concerning Airdrop as much as you can
  • Do not share your private key
  • Neither installs any prompted program, nor any suspicious files
  • Do not utilize the exchange address
  • Passwords should be different from the email addresses you use for exchange


We have seen the importance of the Ethereum Classic in the era of cryptocurrency. These are very beneficial assets. We have figured it out to mine the ETC on Cruxpool, which is much easier and more secure.

We have also discussed Airdrop crypto, and its importance. And free of cost, someone can gain it. There are some conditions of Airdrop that need to be followed. Additionally, you need to fill out the forms, and add your wallet address to receive your reward.