As of 2008, cryptocurrencies became part of the daily life of us and presented a revolution in the financial market. A great example of this is its rapid growth. According to data from Wise & Trust, the American fintech for investment management in digital assets, the volume of investment transactions with this nature has grown rapidly since the beginning of the year. Even with all this space, for a good part of the population there are still many doubts about what it is, what the risks are and who can invest in cryptocurrencies. Seeking as much information as possible is highly recommended. 

In the scenario caused by the pandemic of the new coronavirus, much has been said about the new investment options and the currencies and digital assets are the ones that stand out. Here are some tips for those interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, but do not know where to start.

1 – Understand more about the market, study about: it is very important and necessary to understand where we are investing. Cryptocurrencies are a specific type of digital currency that use cryptography to prevent the interception of information. Its purchase and sale always happens on the internet. Worldwide, there are hundreds of types of cryptocurrencies, the best known of which is Bitcoin.

2 – When buying, choose a trustworthy company: to buy Bitcoin it is very necessary to choose a company that is trustworthy to trade its currencies, so always observe some questions like time to market, transparency and reputation. In addition, it is necessary to assess risks and project trends for the future.

3 – When investing, keep your feet on the ground: do not apply more than you are willing to lose. The cryptocurrency is volatile, the peaks of appreciation can change a lot. So, it is necessary that you analyze the moment well and align your expectations with the current scenario.

4 – Watch out for the supposed magic formulas: just like in any other market, there will be people offering the long-dreamed “magic formulas” to get rich in less time. A fundamental point to get along is not to be deceived by such proposals. These offers are invitations to participate in the famous financial pyramids. 

Escape the pyramids 

The logic of this type of fraud is simple: you give money in exchange for promises of earnings, while disclosing it to more people to join the same business. As long as new people are coming in and putting money in, the company’s promise is fulfilled. After all, there is cash flow that can be used to pay previous users. Until it is no longer sustainable, as the promised gains do not find space in the reality of any market. The payment made by the new users at the entrance is used to pay the previous ones, but at some point the entry of new ones is not enough to pay the old ones.

Beware of income promises: be wary of companies that promise earnings. Bitcoin is a volatile currency, and it is not possible to predict the currency’s appreciation or devaluation. Profits must be obtained exclusively from the trading strategy you define.

5 – Keep your attention on the security of your coins: after purchasing your first fractions of any type of cryptocurrency, worry about the security of your money. Only leave your money at brokers if you carry out trade operations (buy and sell). If not, it is essential that you have a wallet to store your cryptocurrencies.

6 – Don’t stop deepening your knowledge on the subject: behind cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology has revolutionized the world in which we live. Even if you are already an investor, keep your enthusiasm to always want to learn new things. It can be the cryptographs or technical analysis, what really matters is keeping the knowledge up to date in order to have more confidence when making important decisions.

When you decide to invest in cryptocurrencies, you start to be part of a technological financial revolution that could become the standard form of the system in the not-so-distant future as we imagine. What counts is to keep your attention when investing and get to know this market in depth so you don’t fall victim to possible financial scams. You can click on to find more information about cryptocurrencies in certain markets.