What’s the most common thing that we want the most in an office? Ofcourse, Productivity.

Today, employers and business owners are trying all sorts of ways to enhance productivity. While buying new technologies and provincial detailed extensive training to the workers, one thing that we should remember is that the environment plays a great role in the performance of an employee.

Actually, it’s been validated with research that a good office design can not only enhance productivity but also increase the willpower of the employees by providing them with positive vibes. Do you want to improve your employee productivity as well? By implementing these 5 changes in office design, you can easily achieve that.

  1. Make sure to give your office design a touch of nature

As much as humans have evolved over the centuries, we still want to be connected to nature. Working in an office can require us to sit long hours in a chair which is fixed in a concrete room. This can cast negative effects on one’s productivity. The best way to compensate for that is to allow some nature to reside by your side. According to a research conducted by the University of Exeter, an office furnished with plants can increase productivity by 20%.

If possible, start with large windows which assure the employees’ access to nature’s fresh air and light. If having a window is not possible in each and every room, you can still keep your employees connected to greenery by placing calming indoor plants at every desk.

  1. Invest in Ergonomic chairs to acquire a comfortable seating position

Being productive requires one to provide all their concentration to a specific task. While working long hours, it’s easy to lose track of our abilities to concentrate. In such cases, no one wants a chair that’s uncomfortable that can trigger back issues and as a result, reduce productivity.

An ergonomic chair can be your rescue from all these situations. Also, it works best if the chair is reclined a bit. Make sure you make the purchase from a reputed brand like BFX furniture. Placing the screens at a sufficient distance (24-36 inches) is also advised to avoid eye strain.

  1. Place Community boards for inspiration and fun

Placing Community boards in the center of offices can play a huge role in keeping the employees together and informed of each other’s accomplishments. These boards can be used for posting something funny as humor provides life to any workplace.

Employees can also use it to post and celebrate their accomplishments and milestones. Other than that, it can also be used to paste something inspirational that makes the team feel motivated.

If you are using community boards to improve employee productivity, don’t forget to keep the board fresh. Keep changing the posts, images, and quotes so everyone feels engaged and updated.

  1. Breakdown your office design into multiple zones

The best of the offices designates a particular zone for particular tasks. For example, private zones, collaboration zones, quiet zones, and others. Dividing your office into multiple zones ensures your employees have the kind of space they vouch for while they are working on an important task.

Implementing this in your office design will make sure that your employees are not feeling demotivated. Instead, they will take over their tasks with fun and keenness.

  1. Install Air Filters to maintain the air quality

If you were not already aware of this, indoor air is more harmful than outdoor air. Yes, you read that right.

Pollution on a busy road is obviously full of pollutants. But a room devoid of any window is no less. Poor air quality is one of the top reasons for employees’ poor health. Due to this reason, there is an increase in the number of sick leaves and as a result, reduces productivity.

Companies can avoid this situation by installing Air Filters in their office rooms to maintain the air quality. After all, employees are the backbone of any organization and their health should be your top priority.

Over to you…

When implementing changes in your office design, keep in mind that it should suit the needs of your employees. A comfortable, positive, generous environment with a bit of personal touch can work wonders to improve your employee productivity.