The world is quickly evolving, and in order to enhance productivity, individuals now prefer project management software as they can stick to their program of choice. Project management software has undoubtedly become an integral part of businesses. It helps them manage their daily tasks, projects, and deadlines.

Project management tools are arguably demanding. However, there is a range of project management software available. Here, we’ll put a detailed insight into different business management tools to garner total business productivity.


Asana is a work management system designed to manage a team’s work performance on a specific task. Asana comes with web and mobile app versions, helping team members communicate and collaborate efficiently.

The tools allow easy management, tracking, and remark on the shared projects. Here, a project manager can set dates, follow the progress and assign the task to the members. It is an entirely cloud-based project management software. Companies such as Uber, CBS, Dropbox, Pinterest utilize this system. The premium version starts at $9.99/month.


Monday is visual management software. It allows the team to add members, assign a task, customize the workflow and track the work progress rapidly until overall work completion. In fact, it is more transparent with the team and shareholders.

Monday provides a centralized solution; therefore, it improves more collaboration among people and groups. Here you have the option to track projects, store documents, visualize progress, develop visibility, and more. Additionally, you can review projects as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and more. The Basic €17 (2 users/month), Pro €39 (2 users/month)


Many project management teams popularly use basecamp. This software comes with numerous collaboration features, including designated discussion areas. Users have the advantage to drop behind their comments.

Users can also contribute to discussions via email. The software comes with a powerful search tool which allows you to locate files and conversation. Basecamp is available to businesses for $99/month. However, for teachers and students, it’s free of charge.

Proof Hub

Proof Hub is an online project management app that has a straightforward approach. This software is intended mainly for small businesses and start-ups. Here, assigned projects can be discussed, shared, and edited. It also allows for creating custom roles for users. Some of the subcomponents include

  • Custom Roles
  • Task management
  • Workflow and Boards
  • Gantt Charts and more

The pricing may range from $45/month to $99/month, depending upon the projects and storage needed.

Zoho Projects

Zoho Project is an excellent project management software. It has a clean and straightforward interface. The software further allows Project Planning (breaking down projects into manageable units), Gantt Chart (for the progress of tasks), Collaboration Software (ease contact between consultant, vendors, employees, and clients), and Document Management.

You get an option to integrate tools such as DropBox and Google Apps. The free plan comes with one project and 10 MB storage, the express plan costs (€ 25/month), premium (€50/month), and enterprise (€80/month).


Trello comes with an online Kanban tool. Here, users can access an entire project in a single view. It allows you to make cards and move them around the board. These cards can now include conversation or to-do-lists, which can be placed on the board.

Trello offers a free package. However, it also comes with a business package that costs $9.99/month. Trello offers unlimited power-ups, which have a range of features and integrations. Likewise, the enterprise package comes at the cost of $20.83/month.


Another popular project management software, JIRA, caters to agile software development teams. Within the system, teams have the option to develop customizable scrum boards, Kanban boards and make use of its real-time reporting.

Users can easily track bugs, view issues, and monitor time spent per task. It possesses a sturdy set of APIs and enables users to connect with other third-party software. The pricing ranges from $10/month to 1500/month. Users also have the option to deploy JIRA on their service; however, it’s a one-time payment.


It’s a new wave project management tool. This reduces project development cycles and enhances team productivity. Also, it allows users to combine all the features of project management software in one place. You have the option to go for both Kanban or list views. It also includes a built-in calendar that can be integrated with Google.

The pricing for Nifty ranges from $39 for 10 team members, $79/month for 25 team members, and $124 for 50 team members.

Final Wrap

The above mentioned were a few excellent project management software. It helps you organize all your work and communicate with your team. All of them are reliable and provide a centralized solution.