Data is all set to become the ‘oil of the world,’ while India has the potential to become the new ‘Saudi Arabia.’ 

If ever there is a bull run of data scientists demand, India will be the centre of it because of the massive data it produces daily.

For people and organizations, adapting to data-driven decision-making has not always been an easy proposition. Organizations are facing challenges to develop processes to capture the actual value of analytics. The leaders are chalking up competitive advantages while they have the edge over other players. It is, therefore, becoming a matter of urgency and this data science training in Bangalore is a popular choice for those interested in learning more about this.

A new study suggests that India currently has 97,000 data science job vacancies, of which 97% is full-time based and is ever increasing. India also accounts for up to 10 percent of all advanced job openings for analytics. 

There has been a positive growth if we compare current job opportunities to previous years. The overall increase in the Indian data science ecosystem contributes to almost 6% of the total available work opportunities in the world. Organizations across both IT and financial service sectors in India are on a hiring spree, as analytics becomes ingrained across domains. Therefore, the number of data science courses has also increased over the years across the country.

The emerging tech industry is growing at a whirlwind speed, thanks to data science and analytics. In the coming years, more professionals are expected to segue into this field. As a result, more job opportunities are coming up. Top IT brands are also entering the PaaS, SaaS arena to diversify their portfolio, increasing the demand of professionals.

The significant gaps in the supply and demand of such professionals are mainly due to lack of skilled professionals, but today as we see, there has been tremendous growth in the number of educational institutions to prepare such professionals. Today, skill development programs will play a significant role in decreasing the workforce gap. 

Bridge The Gap With A Data Science Course

In India, conventional IT roles have been around for more than a decade now, which are being redefined with technological upgradation. The increased scope of data science has enhanced the demand for data analysts, data engineers, architects, and more.

Data science uses theory, tools, and techniques that are part of mathematics, information and computer science, and statistics. The skills can be acquired with a data science course.

Future Of A Data Scientist

Data science has far-reaching implications in other fields such as healthcare and energy, while retail remains a palpable field where data science results are visible. All these fields are continually evolving, leading to an increase in the demand of data scientists.

Healthcare and education industries are applying new methods of development to create better future solutions on which society can thrive. Data science helps meet such challenges of a sustainable future, meaning data scientists have to come up with creative solutions to fulfill the requirements of all the sectors. It requires an in-depth knowledge of concepts, resources, and systems to help achieve the goal, which can only be gained with a data science course.

Data Science Courses offered by reputable institutions such as Jigsaw Academy provide in-depth knowledge of full-stack data science skills, tools, statistics, and business knowledge. These courses, thus, empower you to develop a thriving career in data science through a combination of other soft-skills.