Two of the hottest online markets have started a collision course that is expected to explode over the coming years. Virtual reality gaming is already a fast growing market, and it is expected that over the next few years, numbers participating in virtual reality gaming will grow rapidly. Online gambling has been very popular for a long time, with many new mobile betting sites offering services, but the addition of virtual reality to this has the potential to bring even more players to the table.

As Casino Magazine have pointed out, the big reason for seeing numbers grow at the rate they have has been due to the millennial market. The UK Gambling Commission are estimating that the number of 18-34 year olds gambling will rise from 10% in 2008 to 18% when the 2018 figures are finalised.

These people are comfortable with technology and living their life in the online world, so they are more inclined to gamble online rather than inside a casino or betting office. On top of this, it is this group of people that are using virtual reality. It is estimated that 171 million people will be using VR, and the majority of them will come from this age band.

These numbers all suggest that if virtual casinos are going to be a product for the future then it will be because the millennials are driving it forward. These people generally want things as easy as possible for them, and they are more than happy to use technology to allow that to happen. If they don’t want to head out for the night then they can instead stay at home and combine VR with online gambling to give them a virtual casino experience in their own home.

With technology as it is now you can head into the VR world, roll the dice on a table or wander around until you find a slot machine you would like to play. All of a sudden with an experience like this available to users through new mobile betting sites, many more people will be interested in gambling and having a fun night inside their own virtual casino.

While there are many people out there who are happy to sign up and play online in the standard online casinos that we have right now, there are many who feel that this isn’t quite for them.  This is the potential new breed of customers that the gambling industry could potentially unlock due to VR gaming.

These people may not want to gamble seriously, but a fun night in with friends and VR headset taking them inside a casino could appeal to many ‘non-gamblers’ and those in the trade have to be ready to offer a service to these people. These casual gamblers could be the next wave of people that come on board, and if they do using the VR method then there is no doubt that VR technology and the online gambling industry are going to have a very bright future together.