Every business would like to streamline its operations through controlled spending, optimized programs, and minimal risks. A virtual credit card can help your business do all these with a centralized account, enriched business travel data, and increased security. Virtual cards have gathered momentum over the last few years that companies use them to gain a competitive edge over others in terms of implementing strong controls on spending and getting comprehensive data.

You can use a virtual credit card to simplify your travel process by setting transaction limits and defining its usage. For instance, your company can have a virtual card in its name to make recurring payments for hotel accommodation, air tickets, car rental, and travel agency services.

What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card, unlike a physical credit card, is a 16-digit number, which comes with an expiry date and a Card Verification Value (CVV) number, all generated instantly. It has a. You can use it to pay for goods or services online. Most businesses use this card for various reasons. Some significant reasons include:

  • Exercise control overspending

With virtual cards, you get to have rich usage control capabilities that permit you to set spending limits. For example, a manager can set a limit to the number of times an employee can use the card, approve the payment, and choose the date to close the card. This helps a business to exercise control over spending with one card and a centralized account.

  • Consolidate your expenses

You can opt for a single card in your company’s name and have all the expenses incurred by your employees in one account. The accounts department can consolidate the travel expenses of frequent and infrequent travellers through a centralized account.

  • Save on expenses

A virtual card can help control your corporate travel expenditure by choosing a preferred transportation provider, hotel, and airline and negotiating with them for higher discounts. It also helps you comply with travel policy and avoid any added costs by agencies to invoices.

  • Enjoy insurance coverage

You can have complimentary travel accident insurance coverage for employees on virtual cards issued by banks.

  • Prevent misuse or fraud

The security settings of virtual credit cards include permissions and approvals for purchases of certain categories of goods and services and amounts exceeding the limits. This helps the company to have direct control over the employees’ spending or expenses, which will reduce the misuse of cards. Some banks offer complimentary annual coverage against employee misuse if the company holds multiple virtual cards.

A virtual credit card makes it very difficult for a hacker to infiltrate your account due to the lack of magnetic strips and tokenized payments and data.

  • Save time and efforts

Your accounts department can have a consolidated account statement, which helps save time creating reports for employees. The automated reconciliation, no check-based payments, and a few purchase orders help you save much time and effort.

  • Integrate with your ERP system

You can easily integrate online tools like card-expense management and card-reporting tools with your company’s financial system. This can improve your operating efficiency through complete documentation and verification of card transactions.

To conclude, a virtual credit card can help your fast-growing business to have better control over travel expenditure and minimize fraud and misuse of it.