People are on the go more than ever today. Travel, physically and virtually, has become commonplace as technology expands and changes the ease of getting to another state, another coast or another country. Plane tickets and phone calls around the world happen every day, but technology is also focused on eliminating the need to leave your house in order to see loved ones, coworkers and business partners.

Telecommuting is the reality for many people today. Whether they’re technical support answering questions and solving problems from their home office, virtual assistants managing your social media without ever stepping into the office or a foreign business partner that’s helping to manage your overseas interest, the technology is making it easier for people to hear and see one another without the need for travel.

virtual communication

Take Your Office With You

Cellphones today are like tiny computers you carry in your pockets so it’s really no surprise, with their advanced computing capabilities and near constant access to the World Wide Web that they’ve become powerful tool for the business world as well. They connect people to their email, office file sharing systems, can receive calls made to office phones and keep people up to date on all the latest news and industry trends.

The built in camera has become especially useful as video conferencing has left the days of expensive dedicated setups requiring whole rooms engineered to make a connection to other locations. With the capabilities of today’s mobile phones, participating in a video conference is as easy as holding the phone up and accepting the all when it comes in. Business has increasingly been capitalizing on this, offering options like “BYOD” or Bring Your Own Device and dedicating more power and budget resources to exceptional internet connections in office and plans that host their mobile users outside the office.

Managing Your Virtual Resources

Not ever office system is set up to handle video conferencing even today, but just about every current iteration of the market’s cellphones has everything necessary to handle a video call complete with clear sound and exceptional quality video images. To successfully manage the network of devices your users may want to utilize, a few steps are crucial, however, so don’t forget to manage the resources available to you. 

1. Compatibility can make or break your video meeting.

Because cellphones of all different operating systems, makes and models work together flawlessly on the cellular network it can be easy to overlook the fact that most software is still OS specific. Forgetting to ensure cross-platform compatibility in your conference hosting can lead to frustration and missed opportunities, so don’t pass this up. If you using a cloud-based or hosted service to manage your conferences, you’re likely in luck, as companies can ensure customized access, like the options for iPhone Video Conferencing with Bluejeans. Your hosting can ensure compatibility with an array of different devices, so be sure to make your needs clear.

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2. Educate your users before you begin

While it’s true that most mobile solutions are intuitive and easy to use, new software can be daunting for users to become comfortable with and that can create some awkward moments and frustrations as you start using this new technology for your business. Educate your users to eliminate some of this startup lag and be sure to set clear standards for meeting etiquette to avoid any misunderstandings about the level of professionalism you expect going forward. These sorts of expectations will help your initial meetings run smoothly as all parties settle into the technology and begin to make the most of it.

3. Use file-sharing programs to keep everyone on the same page

Video conferencing is a wonderful tool, whether you are in the office or mobile and on the go, but in order to make the most of these capabilities, don’t forget to implement a file-sharing protocol to keep everyone on the same page. Many cloud based and mobile conferencing packages like Blue Jeans offer integration for a variety of file sharing options so you can bolster the efficiency of a video conference to include collaboration on the topics at hand and keep people productive. And if mobile collaboration isn’t what you need, other file-sharing options are available to keep meeting notes, information and expectations within easy reach.

4. Your office In Your Pocket

Mobile phones have been connecting people one to another for years now, but as technology makes them smarter, more powerful and more easily connected, they’ve become a tool that puts all the power and convenience of your office in the palm of your hand. Using these options to expand the reach of your business, your partners or employees and keep you flexible and connected to your industry keeps you from missing opportunities and being informed so you make the best decisions for your company every time.