Artists have recently stepped up their game with the introduction of VIP tickets. While people were once more than satisfied to even get to see their idols perform live on stage, these exclusive tickets have raised the bar. Now they are some of the most sought-after tickets whenever prominent artists announce a tour or show. And because of their high demand, several ticket marketplaces have evolved to meet the needs of the fans. According to, you can purchase VIP tickets safely and conveniently online whenever your favorite artists announce their events.

Although possible, it is highly unlikely for major events like shows and concerts to occur without some VIP tickets. Most people now look for such exclusive tickets to wholly enjoy the shows and take advantage all the goodies the venue has to offer. When you opt for VIP tickets, you may get front row seats, car parking near the venue, autographs, cocktails, entry to a pre-show party, or a chance to experience soundcheck. It all depends on the artists. Nevertheless, these are experiences general admission tickets cannot fetch you, and you should surely grab the opportunity if you get the chance to purchase VIP tickets.

Here is what you should keep in mind if you’re eyeing VIP tickets to an upcoming event: These tickets are exclusive and limited in nature. And thousands of fans will look for them in the same place as you whenever the tickets are out for purchase. So you will need to be really quick in booking one as soon as the sale starts. Also, depending on the artists, some VIP tickets are quite pricy. It would be a smart move to start saving if you’re really enthusiastic about an artist coming to your town to perform! 

If you’re okay with splurging a little bit as long as you enjoy the shows, the VIP tickets are for you! You can buy them from the box office, or even better, online via the artist’s or venue’s official website or the secondary ticket marketplace. The ticket prices for the same seats may vary depending on where you’re buying them from. Some VIP tickets even offer a meet and greet with the artists. So check out which ones you prefer and find one that meets your requirements.

So how and where do you secure a VIP ticket? The traditional way of purchasing tickets is from the box office. You must have seen fans lining up for hours outside the venue even before the sale starts to get their hands on the best tickets. However, that is not necessary nowadays, no matter how exclusive the ticket you want to purchase is. You can find everything online and make safe purchases. Here is how:

First, presales are a great way to buy high-end tickets like VIP tickets because they usually are available before the general ticket on sale. Since they occur weeks or months ahead of the shows and the official sale, fans can secure the tickets in advance when they want to ensure not to miss the shows. However, presales aren’t for everyone who wants to purchase tickets in advance. You have to be a fan club member or a specific credit card holder to access presales held exclusively for such fans. A presale code is sent to the fan’s email or number, through which they can access the presale event. 

Second, follow the artists on social media to learn about hot deals on tickets. There is no guarantee that they would involve VIP tickets. But you might be happy just to secure a regular ticket as long as you get to see the artist. Make sure to keep a keen eye on any new information that might pop up. It is how some fans secure the best deals on their favorite tickets.

Third, secondary ticket marketplaces play a significant role when it comes to providing fans with their desired tickets. There are many reliable sites today, while some are questionable. If you look online, you’ll find several websites that sell tickets to various shows and events. You can find a trustworthy one and purchase your VIP tickets. However, it gets pretty crowded there, too, given the multitude of fans all over the nation. 

As soon as the artists announce their tour and event schedule, all kinds of tickets become ready for purchase at the ticket sites. And even if there are several of them, it takes to be an early bird to find what you need available. In the case of VIP tickets, you know they are already limited in quantity most of the time. And because of the perks and amenities they provide, many fans prefer spending the extra dollars to purchase them instead of GA tickets. So it is clear that you have to be smart and quick enough to get your hands on these highly coveted tickets.

Keep your eyes on different websites to know when the sale starts. You would also be able to compare the prices among them while trying to find the best deals. As mentioned earlier, VIP tickets are some of the best ways to open your door to several advantages while attending an event of your favorite artist. Being a VIP ticket holder brings benefits that make the experience much more luxurious, comfortable, and convenient. So if you don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, you shouldn’t miss out on these exclusive tickets at least once to experience a concert in the best way. 

Several famous musicians, singers, and comedians are performing in multiple cities. If you are a sports fan, you would also be thrilled to know that the events are taking place soon. So stop waiting and check out the various VIP tickets you can get today. And if you find one that meets all your requirements to make you feel like a true VIP, don’t delay securing it. You never know; it might disappear from your screen the next minute!