There was a time when DVDs were your most trusted friend when it comes to movie and TV series collections — but that was before the digital revolution. Nevertheless, there are a few who prefer the goodness of one great DVD collection. One of the biggest challenges is that you have to make sure that your discs don’t get corrupted or damaged in the course of time. In order to make this possible, you may have to copy DVDs and take backups very frequently. And, that is the same reason why we think VideoSolo DVD Copy is a tool that every DVD collection enthusiast should have. In this article, we have a quick review of the tool.

What Is VideoSolo DVD Copy?

As we said in the intro, VideoSolo DVD Copy is a professional’s suite for copying DVDs and more importantly, managing your DVD collection. The primary object of this tool is to help you copy the contents from a DVD to another disc but there is a lot more in the box. The biggest upgrade is that you can use the same tool for dealing with both physical discs and DVD files that you may have already stored in your computer.

This tool is available for Windows and macOS, offering the same functionalities on both platforms. Now that you have the basic ideas about VideoSolo DVD Copy clear, shall we check out some other aspects?

The UI

On both macOS and Android, VideoSolo DVD Copy brings one of the best UI designs we’ve ever seen in our lives. The fact that anyone can use this professional DVD copy tool is no less than amazing. You will be able to use the program for copying DVD, decrypting protected DVDs and even customize your collection. Even though the program is easy to use and quite intuitive, there is no compromise of features.

For instance, you can control what you are copying if you choose the Custom mode in the DVD Copy sector of this low-footprint app. At the end of the day, we all have different concerns and VideoSolo DVD Copy can address all the concerns of a potential DVD collector or disc enthusiast.

The Process And Performance

Let’s have a look at how VideoSolo DVD Copy allows you to copy DVDs and do much more from that simple UI that we just saw.

The first step is loading the sources. This can be a physical DVD, a DVD folder that you had copied earlier or an ISO file that consists of DVD content. VideoSolo DVD Copy allows you to make the choice in a very superb manner.

In the second step, you can select where you are copying the DVD too. Here too, you have the choice to pick from a physical disc, a DVD folder or an ISO file. We really loved the ISO file support, since the format is really great for making the DVD content easily portable. It’s way more convenient than carrying around a folder.

Once you are done, you can hit the Start button and VideoSolo DVD Copy would start copying the DVD from the selected location to the destination. One thing to be noted is that the overall speed and performance is just great when compared to other tools we’ve come across.

At the end of the day, VideoSolo DVD Copy is a tool that can handle a wide variety of DVD discs, a wider set of encryption algorithms and DRM protections. The fact that you can copy all these DVDs with full speed and at 1:1 ratio is just amazing on any day.

Additional Features

As we expected, VideoSolo DVD Copy has some additional features as well. For instance, the built-in player is great for checking your DVD content before finally copying them. It’s good to know what’s inside the disc before you write another one, you know. Also, we can’t but praise the best speeds the program is offering.

The Bottom Line

Considering that VideoSolo DVD Copy does the job very well, it’s surely an awesome choice when you want to manage your DVD collection. It’s simply awesome that you can have all these professional-quality features in a program with such an intuitive User Interface. What do you think about VideoSolo DVD Copy? Do let us know in the comments.