Nowadays many customer devices like GoPro action camera and iPhone can already shoot amazing 4K videos. The quality is definitely great. However, higher resolution also means larger file size. And bigger size means that you need longer time to finish uploading online, YouTube for instance, and you will quickly run out of your local or cloud storage space. Even this is not the end of your troubles.

Instead of investing more money to upgrade your internet service and storage plans, I would like to suggest you to compress your 4K videos with VideoProc. This tool can make the whole process of video compression as easy as possible and keep the original quality as much as possible.It offers 6 methods to reduce 4K file size with zero or minimal quality loss (Plus, this page is holding sweepstakes with GoPro HERO7 Black and accessories as prizes).

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A Brief Introduction to VideoProc

VideoProc is a multifunctional tool composed of Video Processing, DVD Conversion & Backup, Video Downloader, and Video Recorder. It is available to download for both Windows and Mac computers.

Get access to Video Processing, and you’ll be glad to find that it covers so many useful features in its clean and intuitive interfaces. You can convert all your videos and audios to any popular format, such as HEVC to H.264, compress your large 4K footage you record with Go Proor iPhone or download online, tweak video audio parameters such as resolution, bit rate and frame rate, and process a variety of video editing tasks, for example, cut, crop, split, merge, rotate, denoise,deshake GoPro 4K footage, correct fish eye, add filter, adjust brightness, insert subtitle, and add watermark.

While working with VideoProc you are suggested to enable hardware acceleration, by doing this it will make the most of Intel, NVIDIA or AMD GPUs on your computer to speed up those video processing tasks and lower CPU usage.Hardware acceleration is especially necessary when we convert, edit or compress high-bit rate 4K videos.

Use VideoProc to Compress GoPro iPhone 4K Video

VideoProc allows you to shrink 4K footages within several simple steps: load the source file into the software -> choose desired output format -> select the way you wish to use for reducing file size -> export the compressed file.This program offers quite a lot of ways to compress 4K video files.Let me show you a few.

1. Encode 4K video to HEVC (aka. H.265)

Some 4K videos are encoded with H.264. This is a widely-accepted format, but its data compressibility isn’t as good as HEVC. If we convert H.264 to HEVC, the file size will be declined to around 50% of the original while the quality is 100% maintained.To encode your 4K with HEVC, simply choose “MP4 HEVC” as output format.

2. Down sample 4K to a lower-resolution, such as 1080p

If you’re using a non-4K display, you won’t notice any difference when you decrease the resolution from 4K to 1080p. Click”Option” button, find “Resolution”, and then choose “1920 x 1080”.

3. Cut off useless video clips.

Watch your footage from beginning to the end,and you may find that there’re some parts you don’t want to keep. If so, just cut them off to reduce length and file size. Simply click on “Cut” button and then move the green knobs in the slider to specify the parts you need and delete others.

More Features You’ll Love

In addition to compressing and processing 4K and HD videos, VideoProc has many other features that are really useful for users.

  • Convert DVD discs to digital files

Physical discs give you the feeling that you really own what you buy. But you may also be frustrated that they are not easy to manage and play on your mobiles or computers. Luckily, VideoProc can get you out of this trouble by digitizing DVD discs. It can convert all sorts of DVDs, movie, TV show, or workout discs, to MP4, MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, MPEG2, ISO image, VIDEO_TS folder, and other formats.

  • Download videos and music online

Do you want to save a how-to video tutorial to your hard drive? Do you want to download a song for embedding to your PowerPoint or video? VideoProc can do you a favor. This program can download videos and also music from 1000+ sites, including popular YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and more.

  • Record screen and webcam

Another fantastic tool built in VideoProc is video recorder. It can capture the activities on your computer screen (Mac version can also record iPhone screen), record videos with webcam, and record both screen and webcam at the same time.

The Bottom Line

VideoProc is worth a try when you want to compress and process 4K video footages by GoPro, iPhone or others, because it comes with straightforward interface, easy workflow, fast processing performance, high-quality output, broad support for formats and devices , diverse ways to reduce file size, and more. You don’t need to have any knowledge of multimedia or computer to deal with it.

What’s more, it is skilled at converting DVD discs, downloading videos and songs online, and recording the things on or before computer screen.