Given the rapid development of Internet technologies, various online video image editors are gaining popularity lately, and users risk paying attention to the low-quality platform due to the high level of competition. Our online our online video cropper is gaining popularity among beginners and professionals, its main functions are described below, as well as application features, and advantages among competing platforms.

What is a Video cropper?

Video cropper is an online editor of media products that allows users to achieve high-quality cropping and file formation for presentations, social networks, or other public resources. This software has the following features:

  • Downloading a file of interest in a video format owned by the user.
  • Correction of the timeline for the selected and downloaded file, splitting the video into fragments, and individual frames.
  • Bonding of each fragment to obtain one high-quality media product.
  • Trimming unnecessary parts, frames, and fragments of the file with their subsequent removal if they contain unnecessary information.
  • Assign the desired aspect ratio for the image, such as 1:1, 4:3, 16:9, or custom settings that are printed on the command line.
  • Converting a file to the desired format with an extension selected from the internal directory of our platform.
  • Saving the finished result to the memory of a PC, smartphone, or external media.
  • Uploading the finished file to social networks, preparing a presentation, or sending an intellectual product to the addressee.

Thus, we offer our Video cropper with a full set of turnkey functions, and users do not have to look for auxiliary resources to refine their video files, since the final product is already provided on our platform.

How to use our Video cropper?

Each Internet user will be able to easily edit their videos, as well as quickly crop them to the desired size through our Video cropper. To achieve the expected result, the interested person will need to follow these simple steps:

  • The user must access the website of our platform through the address bar in the browser, or any popular search engine.
  • Shortly after opening the site, an electronic key will appear in front of the user, pressing which will allow you to download the file necessary for editing the video. The download speed is always different, depending on the quality of the Wi-Fi connection, but, as a rule, it does not take more than 10 minutes for a person.
  • After uploading the file to the external server of our platform, you need to select a timeline for trimming this video. To do this, use a special tool on the panel in the main working window of our program.
  • Next, the user will need to adjust the aspect ratio of the image. Our platform defaults to the most commonly used formats such as 1:1, 4:3, or 16:9. In some cases, the owner of the edited intellectual media product can set individual arbitrary parameters.
  • The finished film is converted into the format of interest to the user, for which you will need to select the parameters of interest from the internal library of extensions on the platform. The video owner can choose the classic, most popular extensions for playing the file on a PC, as well as non-standard formats that are used only on certain operating systems of mobile devices or open on professional programs.
  • At the final part of working with the file, you will need to save it after a preliminary test view, for which you just need to decide on the place to download it, as well as the sending address after the operation is completed.

Thus, all workflows in our program are executed literally in a matter of minutes, and our servers are well-balanced and have a lot of RAM. This means that processing and downloading files will not be interrupted even during peak hours when most of the active users are online.

The main advantages of our Video cropper

Of course, it is not easy for us to compete with a huge number of similar platforms, which is growing every month, but our developers are constantly upgrading our video editor for trimming video files, and we have the following undeniable advantages over other companies offering the same services to users:

  • Our intelligent product for processing video files is available to every user free of charge. We do not offer our customers the obligatory registration of a paid subscription to our resources, only for the sake of a trial version. At the same time, the standard set of tools and options will undoubtedly be enough for ordinary people who upload their videos to social networks.
  • Those users who are active in commercial activities when editing files of different formats can always get an inexpensive monthly subscription to the professional version of our platform with an expanded set of useful features and new features.
  • Our program does not impose complex hardware requirements on your PC or mobile device, because all work takes place only online, and the user does not have to free up extra space on his hard drive or another storage medium to install the software.
  •  Our platform does not require the creation of a new user account, registration, password generation, verification, and authorization in the system. All that is required from the owner of media products is just to go to the site and immediately start working with it.
  • Each user file uploaded to our external server is automatically encrypted with the latest generation of innovative keys. This means that we offer our customers only secure processing of their intellectual property, without the risk of its theft and organization of cyber-attacks.
  •  All operations for uploading, cutting, gluing, editing, converting, and saving the finished file take no more than 10-15 minutes, thanks to the optimal server settings, as well as an extremely simple control panel.
  • Each icon on the toolbar is equipped with a graphic image, as well as online tips that pop up automatically. This means that users should not have any questions about the correct operation of our application.

We also provide constant support to our customers – to form a question, you just need to write it in the contacts section in the corresponding section of our website. Professional consultants will always come to the rescue, provide a full free consultation on working in the system, and also answer all your questions within their competence.