Technology is growing at a rapid rate and people and businesses are constantly having to adapt their ways of working to enable this change. Meetings in businesses are an extremely important way to connect with your teams and have vital discussions to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to briefing or new project ideas.

With many businesses now acting globally rather than locally, it is becoming increasingly harder to get all your team members in one place. One way to solve this issue, is by introducing video conferencing. Whilst it may be beneficial to meet face to face, if your team are working remotely or out travelling and spreading the word of your services, using a video conferencing tool can be a great way to connect and catch up on the businesses progress.

Pros of Face to Face Meetings

  • Build Stronger Relationships With Your Team Members Or Clients

If you’ve managed to find the time to meet with personally with your employees and clients to discuss a new idea, have a one to one meeting with an employee about an issue they may be facing, it will be greatly appreciated by your employees and clients. In turn, this will create a better working relationships which in turn will make your working life a lot easier. Taking the time out of your day to personally meet with someone shows that you care and are willing to put into the time to help your team members and clients.

  • Make Your Meetings More Effective With Real Outcomes

Face to face communication can help build personal relationships with your team or clients. This can mean that your employees will feel more comfortable talking to you and discussing their ideas or issues – which will create a more engaged workplace which will benefit not only them, but also you and your business. Being able to meet with clients face to face can help boost creativity when it comes to discussing new possibilities. Mind maps can be created and written notes can be taken which creates a much more engaged meeting with positive outcomes for both parties.

  • Build Trust With Your Workplace And Customers

Hiding behind an email can be very tempting in the workplace and messages can be misconstrued easily when conversations are virtual rather than in-person. When trying to develop stronger relationships with clients, speaking in person can benefit hugely. Having a face-to-face conversation means that you can have more convincing and meaningful conversations which can benefit your business by getting you the leads that you want!

Pros of Video Conferencing

  • Reduced The Travel Time And Costs Of Your Team Members And Clients

The most recognised benefit of video conferencing is the reduced travel time and costs for your team members to attend. If you are arranging a meeting with your remote workers, reducing the worry of them needing to get to the office can be beneficial in making sure their working life is as easy as possible. Using video conferencing can save your business money in reimbursing travel costs and also save money on flights for international clients and team members.

  • Make Your Conversations More Personal

Although meetings and conferenced conducted over the phone can allow for effective communication in many workplace situations, video conferencing allows participants to see and feel other’s body language. This can reduce the amount of confusion or misunderstandings in a conversation as each participant can get a feel more the others emotions and feelings during the conversation. Video conferencing, overall is a more engaging and personal than a standard phone call.

  • Increase The Productivity And Efficiency Of The Workplace

As a result of improved communications, team members and clients become more in sync and decisions are able to be made faster and productivity surrounding the project is increased. By eliminating the time and travel barriers of face-to-face meetings, video conferencing can

 be accessed anywhere in the world. This means that meetings can be shorter, and time lost due to travelling to and from various locations can be wiped. It also means that meetings are a lot more efficient, which in turn saves not only your business money, but also your clients and employees.

Having a face-to-face conversation can be beneficial to everyone included, however if such meetings aren’t possible, video conferencing could be answer your business has been looking for! Whilst having meaningful conversations can help build trust between you and your clients, body language conveyed in video conferencing can be just as beneficial and your team members or clients will be appreciative of the personal touch when it comes to your meetings. Reducing the worry of costs to your employees or clients to attend meetings will also create a better work-life balance, for not only them but also yourself. This will improve the way they work with you and create less un-answered questions and boost overall productivity. Give video conferencing a try in your next meeting and experience its benefits for you and your team members!