When we come across the term, ‘photo retouching software’, we usually dismiss them as minor editing tools that don’t offer much. That is, however, a misconception. There are cameras everywhere, in buildings as CCTV, in every person’s hand as a smartphone, in our other electrical devices as well. The only issue is that not every camera is capable of capturing images the way we want them to. A smartphone camera, for instance, can only capture high-quality images with certain lighting and distance. As someone who works with images, you always need additional software in-hand to make sure your images are at the top of their form.

A photo retoucher is then needed to polish the image to perhaps adjust photo brightness or adjust color saturation. The AI Photo Retoucher is an application that can retouch photos to give them a better look, as it says. There are many minute details that the application deals with, such as to brighten image, adjust color saturation, removing disruptive marks, etc, in order to produce a DSLR kind of image. You will find a few images transformed by the Vance AI Photo Retoucher below in this review. This should help you to decide on going for this application or not.

Vance AI Photo Retoucher Overview

Let’s go through the prices first. So, the AI Photo Retoucher is one of the applications that Vance AI offers and similar to all the applications, you get 5 credits per month for free. These credits are usable for any application. The Basic and Pro are the paid ones. They cost $9.90 per month and $19.90 per month respectively and offer extra features. You can batch process with the two paid subscriptions, get access to exclusive Vance AI servers and customer services, and get an increased threshold of image sizes and resolutions.

How this application works is through its Deep Learning and similar algorithm based technologies. Of course, explaining the intricacies of this application’s behind-the-scenes technology would be unnecessary and difficult but here are a couple of things that users should know. One, since the application is AI based, the entire process of photo retouching is handled by the application itself automatically. As a user, you only need to upload images. Second, the applications are prepared beforehand by having them process a huge number of images so that they are ready for any image later on.

AI Photo Retoucher Images

Here are some images after photo retouching.

Vance AI Photo Retoucher has made a few changes in this image. For one, you can see it adjust photo brightness which is clearly seen if you compare the northern lights, water, and the mountain on the right hand side. There is more than just brightness though. The colours in the sky look much richer than the previous image and their reflection is better seen in the water.

This would be a good example of how the photo retoucher tool makes changes to the color palette of the entire image to make it look of a better quality. The image is basically a contrast of orange and blue, displaying two light effects in a single image. Most notably, the right hand side on the new image has a much more natural looking hue of blue. It complements the night in a realistic way. The orange is brighter on the left hand side too and though it does not look that good on the grate, it does make the rest of the side better. Not to mention that the reflections look smooth in the new image.

There is a clear difference between the two images presented. For one, the application has certainly brightened the image by a considerable margin. As a result, you can see the neon lights and the painting on the walls with better clarity. Also, the lights on the top have a slight blue-ish tinge to them and it looks good. If you are a designer who prefers darker tones then you might not prefer the output but overall, the increase in color richness is commendable. As for the people or characters in the image, there is not much to say except that they look brighter as well.

This image stands as an exception because though the AI tool has saturated color and brightened the image, the result nonetheless looks alright. The grass on the right has a good color difference but the overall increase in brightness does not maintain the quality of the original image. You would prefer manual editing options in such cases. Only the grass and armor would need color changes whereas the rest of the image is better as it was.

How to use AI Photo Retoucher

  1. Use this photo retouching tool or any of the links above to visit the application page and click on Upload Image.
  2. Select an image by clicking on Upload and hit Continue.
  3. After the application has displayed the output, click on Download to save the image.


The Vance AI Photo Retoucher is a remarkable application that works intuitively for free to make your images even better than they are. The details that the application manages to capture are always fun to see. If it had the option for users to manually pre-edit aspects of the image that they want, this application would have been even better but even then, it does get the job done very well.