Due to current vaccination against Covid-19, vaccine tracking systems gain more demand among healthcare organizations. Check out what functions vaccine tracking systems provide and why we really need them. 

Today all countries worldwide are in an active phase of vaccination against Covid-19. The fact that there are various vaccines approved by CDC (Center for Disease Control) is fascinating as the vaccine investigation and production can take several years, far not months. However, clinicians all over the world had a limited period of time to present an efficient and safe vaccine against coronavirus as soon as possible. 

Hence, healthcare organizations are now tasked with providing safe and accurate vaccine distribution. Here comes a need for a general vaccine tracking system that could control the vaccine shipment, count the allocated vaccine vials, record data about vaccinated people, and report on vaccine effectiveness based on the gathered data.

What is a vaccine tracking system?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that there is only a couple of active vaccine tracking systems that cover particular U.S states. So there is no single vaccine tracking system that could unite all coutnries that hold the vaccination process. It is a quite challenging task as the amount of data that is going to be recorded in a single vaccine tracker is enormous. 

The vaccine tracking system is a software solution that aims to monitor the vaccination, count the used vials, note who was vaccinated, and track their recovery process to investigate the vaccine impact on health and if it is effective or still required improvements. 

Core functions pf vaccine tracking system

Vaccine tracking solutions have to connect the chief vaccine distributor and approved organizations that would like to order vaccine vials. This way of vaccine allocation is considered to be the most accurate and safe to avoid any vials damages or losses.

Among the functions that vaccine tracking systems should execute we would like to highlight:

  • preview the available number of vaccine vials intended for a certain state or city;
  • vaccine shipment monitoring from the order placement to allocation to the particular healthcare provider;
  • scalable system that allows healthcare organizations add data about all vaccinated people; 
  • records about vaccinated people to monitor their recovery process, remind about the second dose and learn the vaccine influence on their health, it gives clinicians the ability to improve the vaccine formula to make it really efficient based on analyzed data;
  • digital vaccination passports for each vaccinated person to provide free movement from one place to another without any threats of being infected;
  • connection with internal healthcare systems like EHR and EMR to add new patient data into their personal electronic records as this information can be used in various areas like insurance, traveling, job applying, etc.;
  • eliminate the hesitations about vaccine effectiveness and any other fictions about chips being implement with a vaccine.

Available vaccine tracking systems

As we have already mentioned, active vaccine tracking systems exist only in the territories of the U.S., particularly for separate states. And we would like to point what main features each of them provide.


The Vaccine Tracking System is a web platform that provides the services of ordering and allocating vaccine vials. This solution is supposed to be an official vaccine tracking system supported by the local government. Among the key functions this system performs are:

  • healthcare organizations like public ones, pharmacies, hospitals, etc., can order vaccine vials from the main distributor and track the order status; 
  • available information about vaccine distributors like contacts, addresses, documents;
  • payments are supported by Human and Health Services financial system that makes all payments safe;
  • entering the available number of vaccine doses per particular organization;
  • note information about vaccinated people to remotely monitor their health after vaccinating and remind them about the second dose;


Covid-19 Vaccine Management System is tasked to track the vaccination process against coronavirus. This solution is a new development that is implemented in the healthcare entities only in North Carolina, US.  Its functionality is quite limited and provides the following abilities:

  • a healthcare organization can register and get in line to receive the required number of vaccine vials, it is available only for approved clinics;
  • healthcare organizations enter the available number of doses and how many people were vaccinated;
  • chief vaccine distributor can also manage the healthcare organizations that order vaccine vials. 

Benefits of vaccine tracking systems

Taking into account all features that vaccine tracking systems contain, you may wonder so what is so beneficial about vaccine tracking systems, meaning what is their main purpose? 

Vaccine tracking systems aim to vaccinate all people on the planet to reduce the number of infected people and consequently deaths. What way? The answer is clear. Vaccine tracker is a modern software tool that can automatically analyze data about vaccinated people and report on the effectiveness of this type of vaccine as the variety we have now is really vast. Thus, clinicians can analyze these reports, find the weak points, and continue working on the next vaccine type that will be an improved version of the previous one. In this way, we get a high-quality vaccine and confidence that it is not useless. 

The next and not less important point of the vaccine tracker is the availability of free movement from one city or country to another.  As the number of vaccinated people increases every day, governments of different countries are going to provide vaccine cards or passports shortly. It means that a person who has been vaccinated has an official document that proves it and lets this person traveling, moving from one place to another, get elective surgery, and many other things that were forbidden during the quarantine. 

To end up

Generally, vaccine tracking systems are tasked to return our normal life back with no limitations and prohibitions because of Covid-19. By developing and implementing vaccine tracking systems into healthcare and large organizations of any industry, there is a huge chance to reduce the number of infected people and come back to the state we had before the pandemic.