If you are planning to launch a new marketing campaign, you may wonder what you can do to boost the success of this campaign at an affordable cost. If this is the situation you are in, considering utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign should be high on your list of priorities.

A custom toll free number will fit into your marketing campaign because it allows you to use your company phone number to bring more exposure to your brand. When you think of widely known vanity numbers, such as 1-800-FLOWERS, the consumer knows exactly what to expect when they dial that phone number.

Toll free numbers make expanding your business easier

Generally speaking, you can use your custom toll free number to share the name of your business and also communicate whatever benefits your business offers. Utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign will reinforce your brand’s image and demonstrate how your company stands out in comparison to your competitors.

In addition to very clearly communicating a message about your company, utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign can provide additional meaningful benefits, including:

An increased number of inbound calls and referrals

Vanity numbers are significantly easier to remember than regular numbers because they use a word or words versus all numbers. The fact that they are easier to remember means that people will be more likely to use them and share them with their family and friends. Research indicates that vanity toll free numbers have a recall rate that is 75 percent higher than that of phone numbers that are all-numbers.

Better credibility

Utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign can also improve your business’ credibility and enhance sales efforts. A toll free number shows consumers that you have taken steps to make it easier for them to contact your business without having to incur any long distance charges. Toll free numbers also give the business an image of being more well-established, which gives consumers more confidence when it comes to investing in your goods and services.

Improved tracking capabilities

When utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign, you will be able to track key performance indicators, which you are then able to use to analyze the success of your marketing campaign as a whole and make adjustments to messaging as needed. Having these capabilities is important in generating the best possible results for your company. With approximately 65 percent of businesses seeing inbound calls as more valuable than leads from any other source, tracking calls is a low cost and effective way to correctly identify what is and is not working in your marketing campaign. The information you are able to gather by utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign can help you to improve upon every single aspect of your marketing campaign, including your print, radio and online advertisements.

Better service for your customers

Depending on how the toll free numbers are used in your marketing campaign, your toll free number may help you provide improved customer service by assisting you in determining why a consumer has reached out to your business prior to you even answering the call. When you are more aware as to why someone is calling, you are able to be more prepared in offering information and answers to any questions. Call forwarding can be setup along with your toll free number. Once you know why someone is calling, the call can then be forwarded to the appropriate customer service representative for the best results.

Utilizing toll free numbers for your marketing campaign has repeatedly been proven to boost the overall success of your campaign and your business. United World Telecom provides toll free numbers for both business and personal use. https://www.unitedworldtelecom.com/ also offers many features that can be setup to make the service even more simple and helpful to your marketing efforts.