The phrase “there’s an app for that” grows more accurate every day, especially in terms of business-related tools. Technology can be a huge asset for your business, helping you monitor financial markets, keep track of company expenses and assets, and create invoices and other financial documents. It’s important for business owners to keep an eye on the tools that are available and incorporate the most useful ones into their business model. Here is an overview of the available options.


Creating a realistic budget and sticking to it are essential steps toward financial fitness for both individuals and businesses. While some people may prefer to keep a physical overview of income, expenses, and goals, most people nowadays use software, online programs, or apps. There are many different options available. Budgeting tools can work well for tracking both personal and corporate expenses, so business owners only need to learn a single interface.


One acclaimed choice is You Need a Budget. It has a track record of success helping people take control of their finances and once you integrate it into your personal routine, you may want to use it to track business expenses as well. Another popular option is Mint, one of the most well-known personal budgeting apps. You can link credit cards and bank accounts to your profile so the program pulls your purchase information automatically and can even help you sort expenses into categories on your budget. Both programs have an online interface and a mobile app.


One of the most important parts of your business is invoicing as it’s the first step toward receiving payment for goods and services. There are numerous different invoicing options. PayPal offers several ways to ensure you get paid, from allowing credit card payments in online shops to helping you create and follow up on invoices. PayPal has instant name recognition internationally, which can add a feeling of legitimacy to start-up businesses. Another good choice is, which helps business owners create detailed invoices simply and easily with a color-coded interface.



The payroll process is one of the most complex and intimidating parts of running a business for many people. If you feel this way, there are apps that can make the process easier. ZenPayroll automates as many tasks as possible including new employee paperwork and tax calculations for both state and federal withholding. You can even use the app to set up worker’s compensation benefits when necessary as well as track each employee’s sick days and vacation time. Another excellent option is Intuit QuickBooks Payroll, which uses an online “wizard” to help you set things up properly.



Investing is another vital part of both personal and business financial health. Whether you want to diversify your personal portfolio with several investment opportunities, or you use investing as your primary source of income, the right tools can dramatically improve your ease-of-use and success. One key to making the right investment decisions is following the relevant financial news. There are several financial news apps designed to help investors stay in-the-know on current financial topics. Having the right information at your fingertips helps you make the most informed investing decisions.


One acclaimed choice is the Bloomberg App that gives users instant access to all kinds of financial and investment news and analysis. The app not only includes news articles and market data, it also provides helpful charts and graphs that display information in a way that makes it easy to see the potential impact on your investment portfolio. The MarketWatch App is another good source of important market news, analysis, and trends. Users can create watch lists and receive alerts and stories related to their stock picks.

The Fisher Investments app on iTunes is another solid option that gives users instant access to important financial news from several different outlets along with expert-level analysis. You also get access to helpful videos, commentary, social media posts, and educational financial content from Fisher Investments.


The right financial tools are essential for tracking and managing personal and business finances. Business owners can find several options for programs and apps that help with creating a budget, managing expenses, and meeting financial goals. There are also apps for business finance tasks such as payroll, taxes, invoices, and expense tracking. Investing is another key area where apps can be useful. There are several investment apps that include timely and relevant market news along with analysis and advice from financial experts.