The increasing reliance on technology has had a massive impact on the world, with it presenting many positive and negatives. For businesses it has largely had a positive effect, making a lot of processes and elements of working life a whole lot easier.

The majority of companies will spend a certain amount of their working time sending and receiving all sorts of parcels. In the past this was a time-consuming task, but thanks to technology the whole process is now a whole lot smoother. There are various ways in which technology and digitalisation has helped achieve this.

Using Technology To Create A Smooth Delivery System

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More Options Available

No longer do businesses have to rely on just the Royal Mail to get their products out to customers. The internet has made it easy to search through many local and international delivery firms, with comparison websites to find the best prices. There are even ones such as InXpress that make proceedings even easier by using the world’s top couriers for domestic and international deliveries, taking care of the organisation side of things for you.

Easier Communication

Social media, communication apps and messaging services have made communication even easier in the internet age. Whether it’s getting in touch with the delivery company or informing a customer of their order’s details and status, it can be done almost instantly. Skype, email and more are all channels for both internal and external communication, with the potential for sharing images where needed.

Online Ordering and Tracking

One of the worst things for businesses that send out parcels to their customers is receiving poor feedback from clients due to deliveries not arriving on time. Now thanks to technology most delivery firms offer online tracking services so customers can see where their deliveries are and even get a well estimated time slot. This helps businesses by showing that if there is a problem with the delivery it is down to the courier and not them.

The Future

There is still plenty of scope for the future of deliveries to continue to evolve. Many are predicting drones to be the next step, delivering parcels from companies like Amazon and more. Whether these will make deliveries smoother or cause more problems, it remains to be seen. Driver less cars are another method that are being developed, and some of these bits of technology could be adopted by businesses themselves, rather than relying on a courier, for example, or other delivery company in the future.