I can remember all those years ago, the headaches of running a network printer for a wide range of offices. It used to have to be setup on every single workstation in all offices, gosh, those were the days! Technology, thankfully has come a long way since the days of when I did networking. I won’t go into the advantages of having a network printer in your office as that is obvious, imagine if all computers and every one of your staff had their own printer, eek! I think that would be an administrator’s nightmare, as with a printer it is not just a case of turning it off and back on again!


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Going Wireless

I think most offices nowadays are starting to switch to the wireless on everything, including Internet connectivity. With the upgrade of Windows as well, it is damned easy to setup every station with the printer, in some cases windows will automatically do all of this for you. Of course, the problem is, are your offices up to date with the latest Windows software.

I have worked in plenty of offices myself, as long as the staff are able to produce what is required and projects get finished, the bosses at the top do not care what sort of problems and issues us administrators face! I have been into places that still run the well out of date Windows XP, which is quite shocking to me as they no longer provide updates or patches for this version.

My Personal Opinion

With Ink prices set to rise for 2015, I would recommend installing two separate printers. Why? Well a lot of my clients used to want to print in optimum results (100% color quality), the problem is, so does everyone else in the office as the printer is set to do this automatically. You will waste a hell of a lot of ink and that costs money as prices are set to increase.

Install a printer for black and white only and one for optimum color, this will seriously cut down on costs quite massively over the year. You can then have the printers names so staff know which one to use, that is my personal money saving tip!

recommend installing two separate printers

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Getting The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

Now we know how to save on costs for ink, how about making savings for buying bulk ink online for Businesses? Like I said, I was an administrator with 10+ years experience and I have had the responsibility of ordering Ink, paper, spare wires, hard drives and more. When it comes to buying Ink it is best the buy it in bulk and there are plenty of places to find them, the issue is finding the cheapest. The best one to date (The one I still use to this very day) is http://www.internet-ink.com/. Internet-Ink stock a wide array of Inks, paper and even pens. They also manage to stock almost all inks for every printer, so there is no need to swap, I can bet my life on the fact they have the ones needed for your printers!