Don’t feel like printing out a whole bunch of documents and taking them with you when you travel? You don’t have to anymore. You can also store your travel documents digitally on your phone. For example, iPhone users can use the iBooks app. PDF viewer is a good alternative for Android devices. During the trip you can access your PDFs from anywhere without the need for an internet connection.

Currency conversion

The New Zealand Dollar often changes course and is not very easy to convert. As a guideline, I usually use ’10 NZD = EUR 6′. If you prefer to know the exact costs, it is handy to download an app with which you can calculate the currency according to the latest exchange rate. This free currency app for Android can also be used offline.

Navigation apps for travelling in New Zealand

Can’t find your way out with the extensive itinerary and road map? Then it might be useful to make the Google Maps app available offline in advance, so that you can use it even without an internet connection. You can also download an app per city or region that determines your location on the digital map on the basis of masts – even without an internet connection. I myself have also travelled a number of times with the Herewego app. It can also be used offline and I really enjoy working with it. Sometimes you can find everything via an old-fashioned route book, was a relief for us. The app works like google maps but offline. You can download the maps of New Zealand on your phone. Ideal for backpackers who don’t have internet on their mobile. You can plan routes but also search for petrol stations, restaurants, supermarkets, etc. As far as we are concerned a must. Make sure you have enough space on your phone to download the maps.

Games and gambling

Even during the most memorable trips you might feel bored at times, because of bad weather or long waiting times in transport hubs for example. A lot of travellers love to dedicate this time to an amusing game in an online casino. You can find all types of casino games, from the more traditional like blackjack and roulette, to the mighty sphinx and happy birthday game. Wherever you are, with just an internet connection you can entertain yourself easily.


The app Tripadvisor is going to help you during backpacking to find a suitable place to stay, a cheap restaurant and that one interesting place of interest. And how about that one pub where all the backpackers come together? The advice is based on millions of travellers’ reviews and it is also possible to add your own reviews and ask travel questions in the forum.

Wi-Fi Finder

During your backpack adventure you will of course want to stay in touch with the home front. And because calling abroad is extremely expensive, you use services such as WhatsApp and Skype for that. These services are free but require Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi Finder app will help you find a Wi-Fi connection. So you can put that one cool photo of that beautiful waterfall on Facebook.

CamperMate / Camping New Zealand

Ideal for backpackers travelling through New Zealand with a tent or camper van. These apps show (almost) all campsites including reviews, price, location and much more information. Ideal for on the road. In addition to paid campsites, they also show free campsites and DOC sites.

Tips on the spot

During your trip you might like to read some tips from TripAdvisor about the nicest bars, tastiest restaurants or beautiful sights. The site has developed a free app that also works offline. The great thing about this website and app is that it consists of tips and reactions from travellers worldwide.

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