Social Media Marketing is a big word today when it comes to promoting your brand online. Popular social networking channels like Facebook or Twitter are no more just meant for casual interactions- their worldwide member base assures immense marketing potential and smart entrepreneurs have been quick to catch the vibe on time. The best part is that these social media portals allow you to market in a more engaging format with images and videos along with textual posts. You have live streaming online webinars by experts which offer you smart insights on how to make the best of SMM for your brand.

However, these online live marketing webinars do not come with repeat telecast option. So what if your schedule clashes with streaming time? Well, not to worry as there video recorder software programs today that will enable you to record the online live streaming videos and save it in your PC so that you can check them later- whenever you are free to. There is no need to tamper your usual routine to follow these online live programs.

movavi screen rcorder

When it comes to best screen recording software programs today, Movavi Screen Recorder is one of the most recommended names. With customers spread internationally in 150 countries, Movavi is an award winning software brand and hence you can expect a superior performance by Movavi Screen Recorder. One of the best bits about the Movavi program is that it enables the users to record the live online videos as per their specific parameters. You can set the recording area and frame rate. For example, if you want to record the webinar in full resolution, you can set the frame rate at 60fps.

Then, the Movavi program is able to record the video on its own. It comes with an in-built timer where you can set the recording duration and the software will stop recording once it reaches your specified time limit. There is no need for you to sit before the computer while the recording is going on. You can even grab screenshots from the video as the recording continues.

It’s to stress here that the Movavi program is not just about recording the videos and there is more waiting for you. To start with, this leading software program is backed by editing tools that allow you to crop, trim and correct the visual mistakes of the video. It allows you to enter titles as well. All in all, as a Movavi user, you can always have your personalized touch on the captured video. You can even add special effects or make it more interesting with background music. Then, the Movavi program is even able to convert the recorded video in any video format you want to. It supports all popular audio & video formats as well as all the major mobile operating systems. Finally, Movavi Screen Recorder comes with SuperSpeed technology which enables you to save the videos in lightning-fast speed.