Hopefully by now you’re already aware that your brand needs a strong identity; something which your customers can identify with, something which marks you out as unique, and something which broadcasts your values and services to the world. But once you’ve decided what you’d like this identity to be, it can be difficult to know how to define it in a way which your customers will be receptive to.

One bright solution is to use integrated marketing. This allows you to be subtle yet assertive as you shape the face that you want your brand to have, and in turn this means that it is a more effective option than simply trying to use a single channel to make your identity stand out.


When you’re relying on just one method to build your personality it can be all too easy to go over the top and ultimately isolate people. With multiple different marketing methods at your disposal you can afford to be a little bit more restrained, which will translate into the more natural and genuine tone that consumers appreciate.

Consistency is Key

Integrated marketing works best when you make sure that the image you present to your brand is totally consistent over each and every channel. Of course, this is true in the very literal sense of maintaining the same colours, fonts and imagery across various platforms – but it is also true in a much wider sense.

For instance, if you are offering a service to students and you want to be informal and just a little bit cheeky then you might start focussing on sharing humorous social media statuses. However, that alone is not enough – you’ll also want to ensure that the content on your website is light and chatty; you’ll want to send out representatives who can chat with students on their own turf and demonstrate that you, as a brand, belong to that community, and ensure that any promotional gifts which you hand out are novelty items which capture the light-hearted essence of the identity which you want to cultivate.

Reinforcement for your Message

This ensures that your message is constantly reinforced: people meet with a representative at a networking event and get a general sense for the kind of brand that you are, and you leave them with promotional products which ensure that this first meeting stays with them – then, when they head to your website and social media pages they find a similar tone and vibe.

All of these factors come together to show that your brand can be trusted, that you’re not just any other corporation but rather a group of real people which consumers can forge a meaningful connection with.

Stand Out, Get Counted

When you’re a business there is nothing worse than just being one of the crowd, but if you don’t mark yourselves out then why will people remember you? With a truly integrated marketing strategy you don’t just get to reap the benefits from both traditional and non-traditional strategies, but also that you get to appreciate the unique opportunities which come from bringing them together in perfect synthesis.

Don’t let integrated marketing be the opportunity that passed you by – instead, start looking at your current ways of doing business and see if there are any ways in which you can start building your identity using a branching network of different channels.