Google is always innovating. That is why they are the one of the biggest corporations in the world. The latest advancement (among a long list) is the ability to use Android Apps without installing them. The option is easily accessible from the settings of your Play Store. However, as for now, the option is only available to users in Indian and other testing regions. The rest of the world will be able to use the feature later on. Did you know there are Android Online Casino Apps That Pay Out Real Money? Play at one of the newzealandcasinos and experience this great feeling

Benefits of this Advancement

The obvious benefit to being able to use applications without installing them is saving on disc space. Most of the latest smart devices have large storage and even RAM. However with the high number of applications that are required by an adult to function optimally the space is soon consumed.  And the worst part is that once you have gotten used to an application it is difficult to live without it. A critical dilemma occurs when you want to install a new App and you have no space. What do you remove?

When users want to install a new application and there is no space on the device a couple of things can happen. But all the possible scenarios involve the loss of data. Either you will delete one of the less used applications on the device or you remove updates from a couple of Apps. Either way you, the user is at a loss. And only to find out after successfully installing the application that you do not want it or it is the wrong application.

That is why the ability to use an application without downloading is such a valuable tech advancement. There is no need to lose anything that you value. The system allows you to discover the application at no cost, at least of space.

A Moment Too Late For Online Casinos

This advancement would have been perfect for the online casino industry justa few years ago. Now there are not many internet casinos that offer games strictly on their download casino. Most online real money casino games are now cloud based for better accessibility on all platforms.