Parents always want to secure their children from all undesired things in the world. Nowadays, numerous illegal activities take place, and most of them have something to do with the usage of the phone. It has been evident that most kids are the targets as they are easy to trust and manipulating kids is much easier than manipulating an adult. Thus, there is a need to monitor children regularly, and parents can do that by installing an Android spy app such as iKeyMonitor on their device. This app will enable parents to keep track of the activities performed on their phone on a regular basis.

Reasons for Using Android Spy App

Parents have to monitor regularly their children for keeping them away from all sort of illegal activities. Only by spying their actions a parent can guide them and help them in the right way. Today, in this world of technology smartphones have become a basic need of every individual. It is considered a vital tool for learning and entertainment. Indeed, there are many educational applications and websites which enhances knowledge of your children. So, it could be said that technology is boon not a curse for humankind.

Below mentioned are a few reasons that you have to use an Android spy app for tracking activities of your child:

⦁ Technology is boon, but generally, children get addicted to dangerous games and nowadays many kids are committing suicide because of these games.

⦁ Parents must now all the activities of their kids for shaping their future correctly.

⦁ To know the location of the children this app could work. This app will provide information about any dangerous or inappropriate place where the children are visiting.

⦁ All parents must try to cope up the harmful effects of the outside world then only they can save children from that.

⦁ Kids undergo various significant changes during their adolescence. They tend to perform many activities without informing parents in that situation there is a need of Android spy app.

The Procedures of Installing Android Spy App

You need to install the app on the device of the child for tracking and monitoring the child. Parents don’t need specialized technical knowledge for fixing it. Follow a few simple steps, and the Android spy app such as iKeyMonitor will start working efficiently:

1. You need to download this application in your child’s Android phone or tablet and install it. You can register a 3-day free version or purchase the paid one directly.

2. During the installation of the application, you will see the questions whether you want the app as device administrator as it is not system software but it offers instruction to the system to work.

3. Now, you may need to leave the phone for some time, and after that, you can easily access their location and hacked information. In this way, you can track your child’s activities. Remember that you need to fill the correct username and password on the website to see the details of the dashboard. After that, you can access the information remotely.


A professional Android spy app such as iKeyMonitor is boon for parents in this technical world. It has helped the parents protect children from various cyber crimes. Not only they are now able to provide better parental supervision to their children. These all things can be done by just logging onto any spy app that has downloaded and successfully installed. This app will save the children from all the ill effects of the smartphones and children will be able to face only the boon part of technology.