The New Year has begun a good few months ago, and with it come new opportunities. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, finding the perfect business idea often proves to be a tricky affair. More often than not, poorly established startups fold up before breaking even. However, with the right idea, you can kick-start a venture that can guarantee you a steady stream of income for the long haul. The following are some ideas that may rekindle your entrepreneurial spirit.

1) Take up online tutoring

Technology offers a lot of growth potential for would-be entrepreneurs. If you are a skilled programmer for instance, record video lessons and post them online. There is always a curious bunch of internet users looking to learn new skills. Your content doesn’t have to be purely academic.

It could also be a skill that you’ve mastered over the years, like how to make a raft or how to light a fire using readily available items for tinder. Just ensure you have all the equipment you need to make your content viewable. YouTube is an excellent platform on which to market your brand. If your content’s interesting enough, viewers will start streaming in, resulting in huge payments for adverts.

2) Find a freelancing gig

Most companies do not like to hire personnel when undertaking minor projects; it is cheaper for them to hire freelancers. This means there are no long-term contracts or benefits, and while this may seem disadvantageous to the ordinary freelancer, nothing could be further from the truth.

Imagine the number of clients at your disposal were you to sign up as a freelancer. Freelancing will ensure you do what you love most while perfecting your core skills. If you are great at graphic design for instance, look for sites that offer gigs that fall within this scope. The best thing about it is that you get to work with your own schedule, giving you an entrepreneurial feeling. There are plenty of clients willing to pay top dollar for good work. This is an area you definitely want to look at.

3) Start an Authority Site

If you’re a native English speaking person and have a passion about something that you would enjoy writing about, start an authority blog. Many writers still underestimate the earnings potential a high quality authority site could eventually generate.

The biggest mistake of all that most new entrepreneurs make – they give up too soon! If you’re starting an authority site from scratch it will definitely take some time before you see traffic that you can monetize. So, create your goals and do everything you can to achieve them and do not stop before reaching your targets. Social media and all the new platforms has made it a lot easier to reach out to new customers much quicker than it ever was.

4) Bid for GSA Contracts

If you have a small supplies business, you need to diversify your revenue sources. The General Services Administration, an independent agency of the US government, has a $20.9 billion annual budget aimed at meeting supplies for federal agencies. Visit the administration’s website regularly to check for solicitations. You may find one that is in line with your core business. You will of course have to meet all the minimum requirements for suppliers, key among them being the $25,000 minimum yearly sales target required of all bidders.

5) Turn your car into a money-minting machine

Renting your car out often can be a great way to generate income. With a steadily growing economy, more and more people are looking to lease automobiles through on-demand applications.

Alternatively, you might want to sign up as an Uber driver. There is no doubt you will make a commission that will be sufficient to sort your financial woes.

Making money is not as difficult as you may imagine. You just need to find an activity that you feel comfortable engaging in. With the aforementioned ones, you should be well on your way to financial freedom.]

6) Start a Review Site

As long as you can produce quality content and even better if you are passionate about what you write, you could become a reviewer. It is going to be more difficult to get things started but once you’re on the horse, there’s only one main road to the freedom.

Being a reviewer may eventually let you work from anywhere in the world. Next to that, once you’ve built up some authority, you’re likely to get freebies from merchants and these can be any type of products, depends on the niche and sector you select. You could review health products, stores, or even something like online services, it could literally be anything. Main advice here is to select the niche you are the most familiar with and enjoy writing about.

This type of project could earn you money from both, commission type agreements where you get a commission from orders that your referred customers place on merchant sites that you promote, or you could ask for a certain fee to review merchant products or services. Simple as that!

So have a think, decide on a strategy, set a target and do not look back until you have reached your goals.