What is a white label product?

A white label product is a product that is branded by a company other than the company that actually produced it.

The etymology is derived from vinyl records where promotional vinyl records had a white label attached to them other than the artwork colors of the actual commercial label. The promotional labels were sent to radio stations and DJs to build up hype before the actual commercial label was released. Currently, some companies mass produce generic products that they can sell to different companies, who will brand them and sell them under their brand name. These products are known as white label products.

White Label SEO

SEO solutions can also be re-branded. SEO resellers rebrand SEO solutions from anonymous SEO agencies as their own.

So how does White Label SEO work? It’s simple –

  1. Company A is an SEO solutions company. They provide SEO services to clients.
  2. Company A packages white label services and sells them to company B at discounted prices.
  3. Company B markets the SEO services under their brand name and manages to get clients.
  4. Company A provides SEO solutions to the clients that company B managed to get.

Which SEO Services Can You Resell?

Naturally, you would love to sell the whole package, but most of the time the economy doesn’t allow it. Many times you have to sell different elements of the comprehensive package as units.

  • SEO Audits

This is what it is, an audit. The SEO reseller does an audit on what is holding their client back from ranking higher on their local Search Engine Results page (SERP) and offers them the solution to just that issue. An SEO reseller will most of the time not have the expertise to do this. Hence, they will procure the services of a White Label SEO expert.

  • SEO Reporting Platforms

Your clients have the right to understand what you did with the money they paid. An SEO reseller should offer a reporting solution to their clients that breaks down the job and value of the job that been done while offering them SEO services.

  • Link Building

Building links to other websites is essential. This also helps you in avoiding giving clients a solution which may land them into some harsh Google penalties.

  • SEO Analysis

SEO analysis helps you measure the ranking potential of a website. Actions like keyword research, competitor research, user intent analysis, and content mapping with pages and funneling all these factors into campaign and SERP success. All these actions can be done with the help of a white label SEO team.

  • SEO Citations

Citation, in this case, means what it is – a reference to a published or unpublished source. SEO citation is the mention of a business and its location, contact details or any other information that can help people discover it and improve its Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. You can add citations on local business directories but outsourcing this job is much more effective and efficient.