Online casinos offer several incentives to new and returning players, and the most effective of these are bonuses. There are several types of bonuses, and you can read more here to get a better understanding of the same. Casinos will give bonuses to attract players to be a part of their community and spend some money on the casino.

Important to note is that these bonuses come with some requirements or terms which you must fulfil before you can receive them. Again, you have to meet several conditions before you can claim a bonus as your own. Here is a rundown of these requirements

1. Deposit Requirements

Deposit Requirements

With the exception of no-deposit bonuses, you will need to deposit at least the minimum requirement deposit to receive nearly all bonuses. The minimum deposit requirement will vary from one online casino to the next, so you will want to check that first.

2. Wagering Requirements

This is essentially the amount you need to wager a bonus for you to be able to withdraw it. In most cases, you will need to bet the bonus at least a few times to clear the set wagering requirement.

 Also, note that different games have different contributions to the wagering amount. Blackjack and other high-RTP games give about 40% of the requirement, whereas slots give 100% of the wager required.

As an illustration, if you get a bonus of $ 100, with a wagering requirement of 25X, then you will need to bet your credit until you reach $2500. 

3. Minimum Bet Amount

With promotions such as cashback promotions where you will be getting a bonus for playing certain games, you will need to fulfill a set minimum bet amount.

For example, if there is a cashback promotion of 30% with a minimum bet of $ 10, you will then have to spend more than the $ 10 , to get a bonus credit of at least $ 3.

4. Game Selection

It is indeed true online casinos will restrict free spin rewards to specific slots. In most cases, these are games offered by the software developer on whose platform the online casino operates. You will only be able to use or play the free spins awarded on specific games on the casino.

5. Minimum Spins

Minimum Spins

It should be noted that minimum spins are not very common across different online casinos. That being said, you can get these bonuses by getting it right with the minimum spins on pre-defined and qualified slots. Minimum slot bonuses are usually tied to slot tournaments. In these tournaments, you will earn an entry into the leaderboards after several spins.

In a slot tournament, you will need to play any of the games provided by the software provider to qualify. Now, to qualify for a spot that would entitle you to contest for the prizes, you will have to keep some more, and win by earning more credits than the other players.

6. Deposit and Withdrawal Options

As a standard rule, online casinos will only allow you to withdraw your bonuses through the same deposit method through which you received the bonuses. Most casinos have a selection of payment methods from bank transfers, credit cards and cryptocurrencies. In order words, if you deposit with a bank transfer, and get, say, a welcome bonus, you can only withdraw your bonuses through a similar bank transfer transaction, straight into your bank account. The same applies if you are adopting cryptocurrency for your online gambling sessions.

7. Deadlines

Every bonus credit and free spin has a limited time frame within which you and other players can redeem it. Indeed, every bonus you receive from the casino has an expiration date attached to it. For most casinos, you get anywhere from a week to a month to wager your bonuses.

Take, for example, the welcome bonuses. You get about a week to make your first deposit at the online casino and claim what’s included in your welcome package.

Effective Use of Bonuses

Any bonus you come across is a great opportunity for you to get a large payout as these bonuses are offered free. That being said, you need to meet the set minimum requirements for obtaining these bonuses.

Be sure you understand the casino’s set terms and conditions regarding the use of these bonuses. This includes finding out what games offered at the casino the bonuses are valid for.

As far as withdrawals go, you should know that any winnings or casino credits from your free spins and bonuses, can only be withdrawn after you meet the wagering requirement. Once you’ve cleared the requirement, you can withdraw your bonus right to your cryptocurrency wallet or credit card.

In Conclusion

Bonuses have a way to enhance your online casino experience. Find out what bonuses the casino has to offer, and the terms and conditions ties to each.