Many people have a negative perception about using torrents, because they think that the platform is being used only for sharing the pirated files and contents with copyright issues. You will be surprised to know that there are many other legitimate uses of torrents.

People who are opposing the idea of P2P sharing platforms really do not understand the technology properly, nor their advantages. In this post, we shall check out the advantages and also about the concerns that you need to be aware of.

How they work?

Torrents work in quite a unique way, unlike the regular downloading platforms, where the files are stored in centralised servers with databases. Rather, they are the platforms where you can get to access the files that you need, from many other different computers on that torrent network. As more and more people use the online torrent downloader from Torrentsafe, the network keeps growing. Therefore the chances of finding the files also improves in the process.

If the downloads from regular web servers are interrupted, then you will have to start all over again, from the scratch. The best thing about downloading from torrents is that you can always pause the download, or switch off your computer. Next time, when you use the downloader to continue downloading the file, from where you had stopped the last time. Even if the PC from where you were downloading previously is shut down at that time, you can easily complete the download from other PCs in the network.

Since the files on torrents are picked up from multiple sources or seeds, they do not slow down the systems in the network too much. Torrents are definitely the best solution for downloading large files, which is very difficult from the regular servers.

Understanding the security and bandwidth concerns, and workarounds for those problems

In the torrents language, downloading is referred to as leaching, and uploading is referred to as seeding. What it means is that you will be downloading and uploading at the same time. If you have good Internet speed, then it should not bother you too much. Also, you can reduce the uploading speed down to adjust according to the bandwidth you use.

During the process of seeding and leaching, others can see your IP address. Also they will get to know about your Internet Service Provider. The best way to deal with it is by using the virtual private networks or the VPNs. It allows you to not only hide your IP address, even your data transfer will get protected with encryption.

Torrent downloading can be considered as safe to certain extent from Trojans and viruses, because they get quickly detected in the networks, and will be duly eliminated for good.

These online downloader tools offer the best solution for those who have limited data access. Since users are allowed to do the downloading in parts, they can make the maximum use of their available bandwidth for the day, and then continue again the next day.

You can use the free versions of online torrent downloader and see how good they work for you. Some of them also provide you the feature of downloading files anonymously.