Without a concept of a language, humans wouldn’t be able to achieve various acts which required mutual understanding of everyone involved in complex operations. In a world affected by globalization, people often work across different cultural and language backgrounds. Unfortunately, if you are not an expert, the intricacies of languages can be at times too challenging. The effects vary. Sometimes the result may be a simple miscommunication, but at times a simple mistake could lead to death or even affect the fate of whole nations. The only way to avoid such dire consequences is to practice more, or allow the professionals to step in.

A particularly challenging declension? It’s really not that bad. Sometimes it may seem like the languages themselves are constructed in a way to intentionally mislead us. There is a

group of words called “false friends” containing similarly looking or sounding words which have different meanings in different languages. Talk about the natural perversity of inanimate objects. The traps awaiting for someone just starting their adventure with a language are, well, ubiquitous. This infographic, provided by Lighthouse will give you the idea about the consequences of bad translation, both funny and dramatic. Remember that it is better to make a mistake than not to practice at all. The journey to master a language is a long one, but this knowledge can be of great assistance in many aspects of your life.