Over the years, technological innovations have revolutionized the iGaming industry. For instance, the advent of the internet changed the gaming industry dramatically. From there, more tech innovations kept coming in hence helping take the industry to a higher level. For instance, the innovations have brought features such as Betway Live games that have made the iGaming industry more immersive. Additionally, players can enjoy a wide range of games using different devices. 

So how has technology affected the iGaming industry?

Mobile Gaming

Before Apple released the iPhone in 2007, few people had heard of a smartphone. At that time, the gaming industry might not have realized the impact the smartphone would have on the industry. 

Nevertheless, smartphones and tablets have helped the iGaming sector grow by enabling players to play on the go. This ability has introduced a convenience that wasn’t there initially. Moreover, mobile devices have made sports wagering effortless. Bettors can wager on games from the comfort of their homes or while at the stadium. 

Random Number Generators

Random Number Generators (RNG) technology has made it possible for online games to be verified. Have you ever been to a brick-and-mortar casino? If yes, then you must have seen the dealer shuffling cards. Do you know why they shuffle cards? Cards are shuffled to create a random order. 

In this sense, random numbers are supplied into the computer code of online casino games to enable the cards to appear in a certain order. In the case of a roulette game, it enables the wheel to land in one of its pockets. 

Computers don’t produce random numbers because they work on instructions. As a result, igaming operators like Betway use generators to produce random numbers. This technology gives the players the confidence that the outcome of the games is random. Therefore, it deals with the issue of dubious online casinos that skew outcomes in their favor. 

Video Streaming Technology

There has been an increased demand from online casino players for a more realistic online casino environment in recent years. Video streaming technology has enabled online casinos to address this issue. 

Nowadays, players can enjoy live casino games thanks to this technology. These games are different from other online casino games because they involve a live human dealer. The live dealer is usually broadcasted to the players through a high-definition feed

Consequently, more online casino operators have continued to leverage video streaming technologies allowing their clients to watch the games they are wagering on. Additionally, more operators display live scores similar to Google news. 

This development makes the entire process immersive. For instance, players can watch and bet simultaneously. It is a great feature, especially for players who prefer in-game betting features like cash-out options and prop bets. 

Bottom Line

Technological innovations will continue to influence the gaming industry. As a result, operators like Betway ensure they take advantage of emerging technologies to improve their platforms, making them more immersive and secure. 

On the other hand, players should also brace themselves for a better iGaming future. So, what iGaming technology do you consider revolutionary?