The International Consumer Electronics Show

Technology has been changing at an impressive pace over the past decade, and you can take advantage of that fact. With the latest technology, you can stay connected to your home in more ways than you once thought possible, and you can discover the benefits at CES.

Those who attend will witness high-tech security and smart home devices that can improve their lives and give them peace of mind at every turn. Since many vendors will be on hand to showcase products and answer questions, you won’t want to miss the show if you would like to see what smart technology can do for you.

Nortek Security and Control

Although a lot of companies will come to  CES to promote their technology, some stand out more than others. Nortek Security and Control have a range of smart devices on hand that offers safety when you need it the most. You can opt for integrated or stand-alone home security solutions if your goal is to keep yourself and your property out of harm’s way. Nortek Security & Control also offers personal safety devices that detect falls and can summon help as soon as you push the button, sending your GPS location to first responders.

Mighty Mule

You will also find Mighty Mule among among the products  featured at the Nortek Securitty& Control booth at the CES conference. Mighty Mule focuses on the latest access control technology. When you review their selection, you will find garage door openers and gates that you can control with your smartphone from anywhere in the world. If you have a gate in your driveway but don’t want to give the access code to your guests, tell them to send you a text when they arrive, and your smart gate will do the rest.

Google Home, Amazon’s Alexa and other digital assistants can connect to Mighty Mule’s access control system, and you will know that you are in good hands. In addition to being easy to use, these devices are tough enough to stand the test of time. Having the ability to open, close and lock your gates when you need to do so adds a layer of safety and convenience to your life that you won’t find anywhere else. You will enjoy the protection that comes with enhanced security without needing to worry about any of the setbacks.

Nortek Security & Control’s Mission

While great technology is nice to have, it needs the support of a company that cares about its reputation and customers, and NSC passes the test. “With Mighty Mule, we are helping DIY customers get professionally installed results with their garage door and gate operators,” said Vice President John LaFond.

“With the combination of an easy-to-install garage door opener and an easy-to-use smartphone app and voice controls in one ultra-quiet device, we are advancing the product category from professionally-installed openers to DIY openers with smart end-to-end user experience,” continued LaFond. The company aims to offer smart home technology that won’t get in the way of a user’s daily routine, and you will be thrilled when you see the difference. Focused on meeting needs and exceeding expectations, Nortek is raising the bar for what is expected in the market for personal safety and peace of mind.

Please Join Us

If you are interested in learning more about how the latest technology can improve the quality of your life, we invite you to join us at the CES conference. We are confident you will find something that matches your needs no matter your goals or interests. Boasting a variety of vendors leading the way in the world of modern gadgets, the CES event will change the way you view safety and smart home technologies.