Most small businesses end up competing with much larger companies for the same customers. This can be tough for start-ups, as the established opposition will often look big to be beaten. Luckily, this cNumber article about 0800 numbers proves how these lines can help level the playing field to a company’s benefit!

For those unfamiliar, an 0800 line is a non-geographic telephone number and it promotes “free to call” from a landline and mobile phones for the UK callers.

And unlike traditional phone systems, virtual phone systems are very easy to set up. Additionally, virtual phone numbers have many more benefits than just making and receiving calls as this cNumber page will prove.

Why An 0800 Virtual Number Is The Best Option For Any Business: 

1. When Everything Else Changes, The Phone Number Can Stay Put

0800 numbers are “non-geographic” thus aren’t fixed to one specific area. So, while locality, the email address might change, or the registered office address, the 0800 number will remain the same. As long as it’s routed through to a landline or mobile number that someone will answer, callers, will get through.

2. Get Better Results From Advertising By Testing Multiple 0800 Numbers

The flexibility and ease of 0800 numbers mean firms can allocate different free phone numbers to each advert. There is analytics that is made available by the cloud-based virtual number provider to see which test campaign was most successful. If there’s a clear cut winner, they can direct more budget to the most effective channel for their full campaign.

3. Expand Audience Reach With A Nationally Recognized Phone Number

This is because 0800 numbers are utilized by such a significant number of regarded organizations they don’t convey the stigma that other non-geographic phone numbers have. In actual fact, having an 0800 number has been shown to increase the appeal of a company to customers.

4. Memorability

The beauty of 0800 numbers is that they come in all sorts of shapes & sizes. There are the standard numbers, which are cheap to rent and used by businesses that just need a functioning contact number. Then there are the more memorable 0800 numbers that are much more attractive and easier to remember.

5. Manage Stuff Like Voicemail Messages And Redirects In The Cloud

Premium virtual phone number packages typically include access to online portals. They offer control via the phone number and its redirect configurations. The top platforms also allow the users to transfer a bespoke voicemail message.

In addition,  access useful analytics in regards to volume, duration, and call sources. When picking an 0800 number, find a bundle package that approaching incoming minutes to the picked phone number or UK landline. Otherwise, the user could wind up spending significantly an unexpected outcome.


Based on this article about 0800 numbers, what cNumber offers is a wide array of packages to suit any business. Whether it’s from freelancers right up to busy call centers. So check out the cNumber page for more details.