Sports betting is a game of dynamics. One moment the odds will be at one point, the next they’ll drift to another and the key to making money is to ante-up at a price. Of course, knowing when to take a bet and when to leave it isn’t easy. Much like the stockbroker figuring out the best time to buy shares and sell them, the canny sports bettor needs to understand when the market is in their favour: or do they?

Thanks to the advent of online technology over the last five years, the need for an in-depth knowledge about sport and betting has decreased. Obviously it still pays to understand the proposition you’re getting into, but the power of apps such as Bet Mover now mean you don’t have to be as much of a statistician as you once need to be in order to make a profit.

Turn the Odds in Your Favour with Sports Betting Tech

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In the world of betting exchanges, like the one offered by Betfair, there are two types of movement: drifting and steaming. The former is when the price of a team/ individual gets longer (i.e. less likely to win) and the latter refers to the price improving. Monitoring these chances and knowing when they represent good value can be done through a combination of experience and technology.

For example, let’s say you were sizing up a horse for the Grand National at certain price but it hadn’t quite reached that mark (i.e. it was priced at 4/1 but you think it’s only good value at 6/1+). By inputting certain parameters into the Bet Mover app, you can automatically place bets when the proposition hits the best price. Therefore, you can set the app to monitor the Grand National markets on Betfair and ante-up for you when the price equals or exceeds 6/1.

Moreover, apps such as Bet Mover allow you to input your own wagering limits. This means you’ll never spend more than you can afford to on a single race. Essentially, apps such as Bet Mover allow you to control every aspect of the betting process, improve your overall EV and turn the odds in your favour.