Social media has gone from being only social to becoming one of the best digital marketing channels in today’s business world. Lots of brands have discovered this and run one social media account or another. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn leads the pack of platforms used in digital business marketing. Out of all these platforms, YouTube is one that is mostly overlooked despite being older than most of them.

YouTube is the largest video consumption platform with over 1 million unique video content been posted daily. It was launched in 2006 and has grown rapidly to become a multi-billion dollar brand with boundless opportunities. 

YouTube has been responsible for the successes in the careers of many musicians, actors, comedians, dancers, dramatists, and many more. Just about anybody can be found on YouTube. From the professional that gives tips on “how-to” videos to the storyteller that tells children tales, YouTube has something for everybody. This is one reason why you should incorporate YouTube into your digital marketing strategies. You can visit Socials up to learn further on the impact of YouTube on social marketing.

On YouTube, your video content can get thousands, even millions of views in a short time if they are good, and if you know some proven techniques. Let’s take a good look at some of those techniques.

1. Create Different Channels For Different Purposes

Here’s one mistake lots of brands make: they create a single channel and post all kinds of content in it. This often leads to channel ambiguity and keeps followers confused and mostly disappointed. A follower might get disappointed when he opens content and finds it different from what is always being posted on the channel. He might decide to leave because such contents are not for him and not the reason he started following in the first place. Such activity often leads to loss of followership and affects overall digital marketing plans.

Instead of creating such, create more than one channel. If you are going to post corporate and consumer content, you can split them up. Even though both channels might not get as much followership and views, they will be very effective in providing specific content. This will aid viewers in finding the right kind of content easily

2. Make Use Of Keywords And Call-to-Actions (CTAs)

YouTube has indeed become more of a search engine largely due to Google’s ownership. It has an algorithm that brings up videos when some words are searched on it. This is why you should include keywords in your video descriptions and tags to boost your discoverability.

When posting your video contents, make use of the tag option. Include tags that are in line with what you do and the video you just created. For instance, if you created a tutorial video on “how to solve quadratic equations”, you can use tags like #mathematics, #mathssimplified, #quadraticequations, etc.

Do not forget to put in a strong call to action before ending your videos (you can also do so at the beginning) or in the video description. Ask viewers to like, follow, comment, subscribe, share, or even visit. Most brands use the most common CTAs, which are like and subscribe. You can click here to learn more methods to improve your YouTube branding.

3. Use Attention-Grabbing Thumbnails

You should bear it in the back of your mind that many people offer almost the same kind of content as you on YouTube. For every content you post, there are similar ones out there to compete with it. Thumbnails are a great way of winning the competition.

Work on your thumbnails to make them attention-grabbing. Make them in such a way that when viewers see them, they would want to watch the videos. Custom thumbnails are a great option. You could also design yours if you so wish. You can also edit your old videos with poor thumbnails to boost their views.

I will suggest using images of high resolution (1280 x 720) and less than 2 MB in size. Let the images be in JPEG, PNG, GIF, or BMP formats and maintain an aspect ratio of 16:9. Write a short-expression in a bold and brightly colored text to inform viewers about the content. This can go a long way in getting you more engagements on your channels.


4. Make a Good Channel Trailer


A channel trailer is a welcome address new viewers receive when they come to your channel for the first time. It’s meant to capture users’ attention just like movie trailers, so you have to make it good. Introduce yourself to your trailer. Highlight what you do and why they should follow you and subscribe to your channel. You can get creative and spice it up a bit, but you have to be careful to make it simple and brief. You can look up this website to learn on more amazing methods you can use to improve your YouTube branding.

5. Make Research On Strategic Keywords To Use

In your marketing campaigns, you should always consider your customer’s stage of involvement and interact with them accordingly. YouTube mostly is about discovering new products and different ways to use them. You should reflect on the keywords you use. This is why you have to research thoroughly on keywords.

Research on keywords that reflect your brand, products, industry, and audience. Also, look out for those that had at least a thousand impressions for the past month. This can help. You can also look for keywords which you know might be in the mind of viewers that intend to use your product. Keywords are very important in bringing you to viewers, and you need to take out quality time to find the right ones to use.

6. Make Your Channel Banner Descriptive

Your channel banner shows your logo, but it can do more than that. Use it to give out some relevant information. You can tell them what your channel is all about, how often you post, and the kind of content you post. You can also add some useful links therein.

Such information can help a viewer in quickly assessing your channel and making a decision either to subscribe or not too. It’s however, important to note that a good channel banner will win you more followers.