Almost any pet owner is concerned about safety issues. It is very important to know that your cat, dog, or aquarium fish are in order. There is nothing objectionable in this because animals cannot know what may harm them when they are at home alone. This is why you can choose useful gadgets to help you to spy on your pets.

Buy a Security Camera

If you are very worried about your pet, you can install cameras in every room. Most of these gadgets can shoot high definition video. You can even zoom in on the lenses to see the finest details. This is especially true if you have read the Purina Pro Plan cat food review and want to see how active your pet is eating a new delicacy during your absence.

Also, such cameras record well all sounds in rooms. This is especially true if your pet is often sick and may become ill when you are not at home. Dedicated smartphone apps can help you switch between all cameras in the house and observe your dog or cat’s behavior. Many cameras can shoot video in the dark using an infrared sensor, but it will cost you a lot of money.

GoPro or Another Action Camera

If you have a large pet, you can attach a GoPro or any other action camera to the collar. This will help you observe the actions of a cat or dog in real-time from the first person. This is true for those who are very worried about their pet. Plus, you can create a family archive with funny videos. It’s worth noting that you will have to choose a really small camera model so that your pet doesn’t break it on the door frame.

Thanks to such a gadget, you can spy on your pet and control its daily diet. For example, you bought a new dry dog ​​food for large breeds and want to make sure your pet appreciates the new treat. GoPro will let you be sure of your dog’s appetite. Such cameras can be mounted opposite the trough or directly on the wall. Then your pet will not break an expensive gadget.

Motion Sensor

Cameras are not the only way to spy on your pet. You can install motion sensors in rooms or even on your dog’s or cat’s collar. It sounds like paranoia, but motion sensors allow you to track your pet’s activity and signal any problems. If your cat or dog sleeps almost all day and does not move, then you need the help of a veterinarian.

Many motion sensors can be synchronized with the app to collect statistics. This will give you detailed information about your pet’s wakefulness and sleep. This may be enough for your veterinarian to find the causes of possible health problems for the animal.

Noise Level Sensor

This type of gadget will also help you find out what your pet is doing while you are away. A dedicated microphone with a Wi-Fi tracker will help you find out how your dog is feeling. This gadget broadcasts sound and can show the volume level in decibels. This is especially true if your pet is walking in the yard. Such an analog of a baby monitor will allow you to understand how excited the pet is and whether he needs help. As a rule, such gadgets are bought for dogs and cats with chronic diseases or problems with the nervous system.

GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is a great device, thanks to which you will always know your pet’s exact location. The main plus is that you can attach it to a collar or implant it in the ear cartilage without harming the animal. Once set up, you will see a marker on the map on your smartphone. 

This is especially important for those who have cats and dogs in the house. Even if your animal escapes, you will know where to start looking. In addition, the GPS tracker has only a few meters of error, which guarantees you a quick finding of the missing pet. Many trackers are combined with action cameras, so you can buy one gadget with several functions.

Smart Vacuum Cleaner

Many smart vacuum cleaners are equipped with video cameras. You can set the cleaning time and video recording activation. Your gadget will turn on a schedule and send you photos and videos from each room. 

This is convenient if you do not have time to watch what is happening in real-time. In addition, you can record multiple voice commands that can be played back through the built-in speakers. This will stop your pet from pranking. But for this, you need to install a special program or watch the vacuum cleaners work in real-time.

Final Words

All these gadgets are perfect for those people who want to spy on their pets. Most devices are small enough to be invisible to dogs and cats. This will allow you to monitor your pet’s activity and nutrition. The big plus is that these are relatively affordable ways to spy on your pets.