Getting to interact with your customers can either be a nightmare or a dream. They’ve always got an opinion, and they’ve always got something to say. The opinions can be constructive sometimes, which is a great help. Other times they’re just flack that are ultimately disposable ramblings. Discerning between the two can often be difficult.

So how many ways are there to interact with your customer? Plenty, actually. The internet expands those options even further. Not only is it a great opportunity to have your finger on the pulse, it’s a chance to collect data.

Data collection is vital in today’s business world. It’s all about what you know. If you can figure out what people want and provide it, you’ll be fine.


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The use of surveys to gather information is simple but effective. Not only do you get to know the specifics of what customers are thinking, you can find out their using pattern too. Admittedly you’ll have to incentivize making them do the surveys.

Offering discounts or special services might sway it. You need lots of data for it to be effective. The bigger the sample size, the better.

How do you serve the people who’ve never even heard of you though? A digital agency can help with that. With search engine lists built on obscure algorithms, it can be tough to appear near the top regardless of your relevancy.

Content that links to your site or storefront should raise your online ranking. The higher the ranking, the higher your search placement. You’re just making yourself easier to find.

Email is a rudimentary tool for getting in contact with customers. You can market to them through it, or you can have personal discussions about their experience with the business.

It is a very flexible weapon in your arsenal. It is however slightly outdated by this point.

Social media is the new connectivity weapon. It is a direct line to consumers. That said, it’s a two-way line. You can promote and do press releases and watch them spread. They can complain, and complain openly at that.

Social media accounts should act as fire extinguishers if something goes wrong with a user’s experience. Reach out as quickly and as soon as possible.

Video content is another way you can reach your consumers. If you’re releasing a product, why not provide promotional unboxings and video user guides on the business’ Youtube page?

Use the web not only as a tool for interaction. Use it as a tool for education too. Marketing your items needs creativity. Do not act dryly with your marketing when you have so many tools to work with.


This isn’t the be-all and end-all of customer interaction online either. It will continue to grow in breadth and depth. Understand these methods while you can.

Soon enough, it’ll all expand again. New ways to market. New ways to interact. New ways to collect the data you need to improve the business model. Don’t be ignorant of this, use it.